Coach Aleksey Yefremov with innovative training methods

coach Alexis with the Spin Wheel training

International high performance coach, coach Aleksey Yefremov. Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday. Every player wishes to have the best coach. Yes, having a coach is crucial if you really want to improve in table tennis. Every pro player has a personal coach. coach Aleksey Yefremov Today, I want to present to you a very high … Read more


How many table tennis players in the world

Number of table tennis players in the world

How many people play table tennis in the world? Table tennis is a very popular sport, based on the number of players, it is second only to football. Table tennis provides many health advantages, that’s why it’s very popular. Number of table tennis players Here are the stats: Just after football in terms of the … Read more


Table Tennis – Everything about this sport

best point in table tennis between Ma Long and Jun Mizutani

Do you really understand table tennis? Do you know that there are many changes since the foundation of this sport? As a table tennis coach in France, I want to know everything about table tennis. But unfortunately, this topic is not very well covered by the official organization of this sport. I decide to write … Read more


World Youth Table Tennis Championships 2021

Sora Matsushima and Miwa Harimoto won the respective under 15 boys’ and under 15 girls’ singles titles

2021 ITTF World Youth Championships has finished. Here is the recap of the event by coach EmRatThich. I focus a lot on developing the young players in table tennis. So I read some news about the development of the young players. In France, the player I have followed is Felix Lebrun. In China, the player … Read more


About the ITTF – Official association of world table tennis

WTT formation with the new partners

As a competitive player, you need to follow the rules and regulations of ITTF. The role of ITTF in table tennis is very important. It’s important not only for the professional players but also the coaches. So what is the role of ITTF in table tennis? History of ITTF With nine founding members, the International … Read more


Petra Sörling first female ITTF president ever

Sorling - new president of ITTF

Petra Sörling was elected President of the International Table Tennis Federation at the Annual General Meeting, which was held in conjunction with the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships Finals in Houston. The first female ITTF president ever Petra Sörling of Sweden is set to become the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) President after being confirmed … Read more