Is Timo Boll serve legal? analyzed with TTR

TTR ball tracking used by ITTF

Is Timo Boll’s service legal or not legal? Let’s analyze the serve of Timo Boll with the ball-tracking technology in table tennis. It’s used in table tennis as the TTR review system. Ball tracking technology The ITTF adopted the video table tennis refereeing (TTR) proposal at its meeting on November 27, 2021, in Houston, Texas, giving players…

How professional players serve in table tennis?

the serve of the professional table tennis player

Hello table tennis players and coaches, today let’s talk about the serve of the professional players. I’m EmRatThich. Simon Gauzy is one of the best French table tennis players. Emmanuel Lebesson is a player who has a very powerful forehand attack. The secret of the professional serve At the real speed, we don’t know why…

Dirty serve in table tennis (study case)

dirty serve in table tennis

In the previous article, I’ve explained a showcase that Pistel has served when the opponent was not ready. He served when Fan Zhendong was not ready. Serve when the opponent was not ready Some players don’t agree with me. I understand your opinion. But I’ve seen another case that Pistel has behaved unprofessionally, unsportsmanlike. It’s…