Ma Long slow-motion forehand analysis

Hit forward and power from the ground

Ma Long’s forehand is very consistent and powerful. Let’s analyze Ma Long’s forehand technique in slow-motion. Why Ma Long’s forehand is so consistent? Ma Long’s forehand is so consistent because of his longer forehand stroke and his specific hard forehand rubber. His equipment is designed to fit his forehand stroke. Ma Long’s forehand slow-motion Ma … Read more


Beginner’s mistake of forehand topspin technique

Mistake of amateur player - forehand topspin technique

Here is the most common mistake of the forehand topspin technique. This mistake is very common. It’s featured in the top 10 mistakes in table tennis. Mistake of this technique – amateur’s problem A player has emailed me: Hello. Can you correct my forehand topspin coach? Thank you I have explained the most important mistakes … Read more


Z-Form forehand topspin in table tennis

Z Form Arm of Ma Long

What is the Z-form in table tennis? A very important concept for the forehand topspin and forehand drive techniques. Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday (table tennis tutorial every Sunday). Do you know the Z-form in table tennis? This is a very important concept in table tennis that helps you increase the power in your shot. … Read more


How to play Forehand Topspin Technique

How to forehand topspin in table tennis correctly

The forehand topspin table tennis technique is one of the most fundamental techniques in table tennis. In this tutorial, let’s learn the forehand topspin (or forehand loop) The old Forehand Topspin technique Normally, we are taught in the table tennis club to loop the ball by the “old” technique. That means: turn the forearm back, … Read more