How many table tennis players in the world

Number of table tennis players in the world

How many people play table tennis in the world? Table tennis is a very popular sport, based on the number of players, it is second only to football. Table tennis provides many health advantages, that’s why it’s very popular. Number of table tennis players Here are the stats: Just after football in terms of the … Read more


Ma Long, Xu Xin at WTT Grand Smash Singapore 2022

Ma Long Xu Xin WTT

WTT Singapore Grand Smash singles champion will be directly connected to the National Table Tennis Asian Games lineup. Today, the first WTT Grand Smash qualifying tournament in Singapore officially started. The Chinese Table Tennis Association released a draft of the selection method for the Asian Games of the table tennis event on its official website. … Read more


Ma Long, Fan Zhendong lost in WTT Macao 2022

Ma Long lost at WTT Macao

Ma Long will play at WTT Champions Macao 2021 China Stars event on Jan 19-23. He will play men’s singles and mixed doubles with Qian Tianyi. The event does not have WTT ranking points. Team China sends 14 players for men’s singles, 13 for women’s singles, and 15 pairs of mixed doubles. Chen Meng, Ma … Read more


Chinese national table tennis team (Full list)

China Team is too good at table tennis

About Chinese National Team China national table tennis team is founded in 1952. China Team is considered the best team in the world. With 4 Male Grand Slams (Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Zhang Jike, and Ma Long), and 5 Female Grand Slams (Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, Zhang Yining, Li Xiaoxia, and Ding Ning), Chinese are … Read more


Fan Zhendong equipment and playing style

Fan Zhendong amazing performance in 2021

Fan Zhendong went to become the youngest ITTF World Tour Champion and the youngest World Table Tennis Champion. He achieved the top spot in the world rankings after holding position No. 2 for 29 consecutive months, starting from November 2015. Fan Zhendong is a Butterfly sponsored player Since November 1, 2021, Fan Zhendong is currently … Read more


Will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long?

will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long?

Will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long? Based on the head-to-head stats, Ma Long is stronger than Fan Zhendong. But recently, Fan Zhendong started to defeat Ma Long more. The main question is: will Fan Zhendong surpass Ma Long in the near future? Who is better? Comparing Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong is like comparing Messi … Read more


Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong: Who is better?

Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong who is better

Compare Ma Long vs. Fan Zhendong to see which matchup has the best contests from different years. We’ll give you a quick overview of the epic showdown that began in 2012 between these two of our sport’s top athletes. Some of the top competitions from the many tournaments of these incredible players are shown in … Read more


Final Warm-up Houston WTTC 2021 – Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong

Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong warmup for Houston WTTC 2021

November 14, the 2021 Houston World Table Tennis Championships warm-up match, the men’s singles final, Ma Long once again ushered in the peak duel against Fan Zhendong. Ma Long will be absent As a result, Fan Zhendong defeated Ma Long again after the men’s team competition at the National Games, winning the championship 4-0. Final … Read more


What is a crucial situation in table tennis?

what is critical situation

Hello, welcome back to pingsunday. I’m EmRatThich. The critical moment is an important tactical concept in table tennis. Knowing this concept, you will boost your winning chance in table tennis. The handicap system This is the men versus women simulation match in the 2021 Olympics Warm-up tournament. Fan Zhendong lost to Chen Meng. This is … Read more


How to forehand counter-topspin in table tennis?

forehand counter topspin with coach Wang Hao

How to forehand counter-topspin in table tennis? Dear table tennis coach and player, today let’s talk about the forehand counter-topspin in table tennis. Many players think that this technique is very difficult. I don’t think so. When you master the forehand topspin skill and the timing, then you can do the forehand counter-topspin easily. In … Read more


How to increase the power of your forehand topspin

how to maximize the forehand power in table tennis

How To Maximize the Forehand Power in table tennis? How to increase the power of your forehand topspin? Powerful forehand technique Chinese table tennis players have a very powerful forehand technique. But why? I’ve explained this to you in the previous video. That you should use your wrist during the forehand topspin. You can search … Read more


Why and How we need to stomp in table tennis

how to stomp in table tennis like a pro

Hello, welcome back to Pingsunday. I’m EmRatThich. Today we will learn some advanced skills in table tennis. To stomp or not to stomp. Why does every professional table tennis player like stomping during the serve? And how to stomp correctly in table tennis? Giveaway winner My video has the subtitle. Watch this video: https://youtu.be/uIMEQzgJL0EVideo can’t … Read more


Why Ma Long is so strong in Tokyo Olympics 2020?

Ma Long is so strong - the only male player who win the Double Grand Slam title

Why Ma Long is so strong in Tokyo Olympics 2020? Let’s analyze Ma Long’s performance in Tokyo Olympics 2020. Ma Long is the best table tennis player You have the answer. The answer to this question is “Who is the best table tennis player of all time?” Some players will say. It’s Zhang Jike. It’s … Read more