Liu Shiwen equipment and playing style

Liu Shiwen

Liu Shiwen is one the most famous female table tennis players. Today, coach EmRatThich explains her playing style and her equipment.About Liu ShiwenLiu Shiwen is the best female table tennis player from China. She was the leader of the Chinese Women Team, with the same generation of Ding Ning.Liu Shiwen has won 5 World Cups, … Read more


Who has won the most titles in table tennis

Ma Long - Im the number 1

Who has won the most titles in table tennis?Hello, welcome back to PingSunday. Today let’s review the players who has won the most titles in table tennis with coach EmRatThich.Who won the most world table tennis championships?It is Ma Long. He has won 24 times the World table tennis championships.Ma Long has won 12 world … Read more


How to Improve Your Consistency in table tennis

Don't hit too hard to improve the consistency

How to Improve Your Consistency in table tennisHello, I’m EmRatThich. Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis.The ability to play consistently and to make fewer mistakes is critical for players of all skill levels. Your ability to develop and progress your game will be greatly enhanced if you are confident that … Read more


Ding Ning announced her retirement officially

ding ning retired

In the previous post, we know that Ding Ning has planned to retire. Today, she announced her retirement officially.Ding Ning “the student”The legendary “queen of heart” is now officially retired. She will end her table tennis career. In her own words “I’m no longer “Ding Ning the athlete” but “Ding Ning, the student”.https://youtu.be/lnjxzYXKoNQDing Ning announces … Read more


Ding Ning activities after retirement

ding ning

Ding Ning has retired. She has chosen to follow the Master’s degree at Peking University. She has stopped playing table tennis professionally. But Ding Ning always loves table tennis. She enjoys table tennis so much.Ding Ning’s activities after her retirementYesterday, 5 June 2021, Ding Ning came to the village primary school.She gave the scholarships to … Read more