Liang Jingkun equipment and playing style

liang jingkun

About Chinese name: 梁靖昆 (Liángjìngkūn) Liang Jingkun (born October 20, 1996) is a Chinese table tennis player. First entered top 100 in March 2014, top 10 in April 2019. Four-time singles and doubles medalist and world team champion in 2022. Singapore Smash-2022 singles bronze medalist. Team World Cup 2019 and Asian Games 2018 winner for … Read more


How to keep Chinese table tennis rubbers sticky for longer

keep your chinese rubber as new forever

How to keep your Chinese table tennis rubbers sticky for longer? Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday. I’m EmRatThich. Chinese table tennis rubber is very sticky. Because without the stickiness, it’s very hard to produce enough spin using the Chinese table tennis rubbers. Why? Tackiness is crucial for Chinese table tennis rubbers Because Chinese rubbers like … Read more


Difference between Hurricane 3 and Hurricane 8 and Tenergy 05

DHS Hurricane 8 - a good alternatif of Hurricane 3

What is the difference between Hurricane 3 and Hurricane 8 and Tenergy 05? Which one is better? Let’s review it with coach EmRatThich. I’m extremely interested in trying out the new blade and rubber, and I’ll do so if I have the chance. This time I used Hurricane 8 rubber, which is a little stronger, … Read more


Where to buy real Double Happiness DHS products

Some real DHS products

In the previous article, we have talked about the National version of Hurricane 3. I recommend you just buy a normal version, which is much cheaper. Today, I will share with you my experiences of buying real and legit Double Happiness products. There are many fake DHS products But a problem with Chinese rubbers is … Read more


Buying National DHS Hurricane 3 version

National Hurricane 3 rubber - honest review

Should I buy the national Hurricane 3 rubber? The myth about the National and Provincial Hurricane 3 I have explained the 3 myths about Chinese table tennis rubbers. You can search “The truth about Chinese rubbers pingsunday” on Google to read it. Or you can watch this video. Today, I will answer your question: Is … Read more


Ma Long equipment and playing style

Ma Long's backhand rubber at World Team Table Tennis Championship 2012

Coach EmRatThich explains the secret of Ma Long’s equipment. Ma Long’s personal blade is the DHS code W968. Is this blade similar to DHS Hurricane Long 5? Ma Long’s playing style and why Ma Long is so strong in table tennis. Ma Long biography Ma Long is considered one of the best, or even the best table … Read more


Top 16 Table Tennis Brands [Official Website]

best table tennis brand

Here is the list of the most well-known table tennis manufacturers and suppliers that you should know. You can be confident to buy high-quality and authentic products from these ITTF authorized brands. There are also many trusted and credible distributors and shops, which distribute the table tennis equipment of these brands around the globe. Best … Read more


DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) is good ?

real or fake DHS national Hurricane 3 blue sponge

DHS Hurricane 3 rubber, blue sponge, fake or real? Should you choose the National, Provincial Chinese rubber? Why do top players heavily tune it with a booster? Many players asked me many questions about the Chinese Double Happiness Hurricane 3 rubber. That the top Chinese players like Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin are using. … Read more


Zhang Jike equipment and playing style

Zhang Jike prefers using ALC - Acrylate Carbon

Personal equipment of Zhang Jike: National Hurricane 3 (Blue Sponge) and Tenergy rubber. Spin and Speed is the key to choosing the right paddle. Zhang Jike’s nickname Known as one of the best table tennis players in the world, Zhang Jike is the 4th Grand Slam Champion in table tennis history. Zhang Jike (张继科) is … Read more


Most Important Table Tennis Equipments

table tennis equipment

Table tennis equipment is very important. I also explain the common errors that new players often commit when buying their first equipment. These mistakes are “expensive”! Avoid them at all costs! The most important table tennis equipment Don’t make expensive mistakes. Buying the right equipment is crucial for your playing style. With a racket, a … Read more