Table Tennis vs Pickleball: Which one is better?

Pickleball or table tennis - which one is better?

As a table tennis coach, I’m also interested in Pickleball. Playing pickleball is a relatively new sport, but it’s already gaining traction across the globe, especially in the US. Table tennis players are naturally drawn to this game for a variety of reasons.The rise of Pickleball in the USEven Tennis (USTA) is worried about Pickleball.Since … Read more


Chinese Rubber vs Japanese European Rubbers

Chinese Rubber vs Tensor Rubber

Today, I want to explain the difference between Chinese rubber (DHS Hurricane 3 for example) and the ESN Tensor Rubber or High Tension Rubber (for example Tenergy 05). I also explain the advantage of Chinese rubber and why pro players prefer playing Chinese rubber on their forehands.Difference between Chinese table tennis rubber and European rubber?European … Read more