World table tennis ranking and upsets

Tomokazu Harimoto - butterfly

In the WTT European Summer Series competition, there are many upsets in table tennis. Why? One of the reasons is that it’s very hard to predict who is stronger based on the WTT World ranking. It’s no longer the true ladder of the world’s top table tennis player. The new table-tennis rating system Here is … Read more


Truls Moregard throwing the racket again

racket throwing - again

He throws the racket again! Hello! Welcome back to PingSunday! That’s why we are making a funny song, “Let’s throw the racket”. Truls Moregard threw the racket in WTT event Truls Moregard is a very good player. Why Chuang is so angry about him? Chuang simply gave up the last point and refused to shake … Read more