How to keep Chinese table tennis rubbers sticky for longer

keep your chinese rubber as new forever

How to keep your Chinese table tennis rubbers sticky for longer? Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday. I’m EmRatThich. Chinese table tennis rubber is very sticky. Because without the stickiness, it’s very hard to produce enough spin using the Chinese table tennis rubbers. Why? Tackiness is crucial for Chinese table tennis rubbers Because Chinese rubbers like … Read more


Where to buy real Double Happiness DHS products

Some real DHS products

In the previous article, we have talked about the National version of Hurricane 3. I recommend you just buy a normal version, which is much cheaper. Today, I will share with you my experiences of buying real and legit Double Happiness products. There are many fake DHS products But a problem with Chinese rubbers is … Read more


Buying National DHS Hurricane 3 version

National Hurricane 3 rubber - honest review

Should I buy the national Hurricane 3 rubber? The myth about the National and Provincial Hurricane 3 I have explained the 3 myths about Chinese table tennis rubbers. You can search “The truth about Chinese rubbers pingsunday” on Google to read it. Or you can watch this video. Today, I will answer your question: Is … Read more


How to choose your table tennis rubbers

Choosing table tennis rubbers are equally important to select a table tennis blade

There are hundreds of new table tennis rubbers released every year. New players are totally confused to choose the right rubbers. Famous table tennis brands like Butterfly, Stiga, Donic, Nittaku, and DHS release a lot of new rubber every year. Coach EmRatThich makes a guideline to help you to choose the right table tennis rubbers. … Read more


Top 10 best forehand table tennis rubbers of all time

Top 10 Forehand Rubbers - Fast, Spinny and Powerful

What is the best table tennis rubber for your forehand? It’s not an easy question! Because choosing the forehand rubber is totally different than choosing the best backhand rubber. Here is my recommended list of Top 10 Forehand Rubbers – Fast, Spin, and Powerful. In this list, there are some tacky hard Chinese rubbers that … Read more


Top 7 best table tennis glues (Highest Performance)

Best Glues in table tennis for speed and spin

Choosing the right glue is crucial! It decides the amount of spin, the consistency of the rubber’s performance that many amateur players don’t care enough. While professional players glue and reglue often to maintain the high quality of speed and spin for their combinations. Many players don’t know how to glue and remove the glue … Read more


Most Important Table Tennis Equipments

table tennis equipment

Table tennis equipment is very important. I also explain the common errors that new players often commit when buying their first equipment. These mistakes are “expensive”! Avoid them at all costs! The most important table tennis equipment Don’t make expensive mistakes. Buying the right equipment is crucial for your playing style. With a racket, a … Read more


Difference Between Red and Black Rubbers

why chinese players choose black rubber on their forehand

Difference Between Red and Black Table Tennis Rubbers? Why do we need to use “black” and “red” rubbers in table tennis? Is There a Difference Between these two colors? Why black rubbers on the forehand side? A player asked me: I found something consistent among the Chinese top players. They play the black rubber on … Read more