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How To Hold a Table Tennis Racket

What does a correct table tennis grip look like? “Holding a table tennis bat” is the first table tennis lesson. Having a good grip in table tennis is crucial as it allows you to optimize your technique. Without a correct grip, […]

Best Way To Serve in Table Tennis

How do you serve in table tennis ? Table tennis serve is very important, and is the first shot in table tennis that you should learn. Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today is Sunday 26 March, our Ping Sunday number 9. I […]

Forehand topspin table tennis technique

How to Play a Forehand Loop in Table Tennis ? How to do a powerful forehand topspin in table tennis? The old forehand technique which is mostly taught in table tennis club has some problems. I will show you the Chinese techniques of the forehand loop with consistency, […]

Third Ball Attack in Table Tennis

Basic Table Tennis Strategy: 3rd Ball Attack. Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today I will explain to you the key points of how to do a 3rd ball attack in table tennis. The 3rd ball attack is your first attack or […]

Forehand Drive Technique in Table Tennis

Forehand drive is the basic and the first technique on the table, that every player must learn. New players should learn this technique carefully because it’s crucial to learn the correct weight transfer. It also helps you to feel the ball […]

Forehand Pendulum Serve Tutorial

Today, we will learn one of the most common serve in table tennis “the forehand pendulum serve”. This serve is so popular because with slight adjustments it can make underspin, sidespin, topspin or no-spin, while the stroke will look quite […]

Table Tennis Backhand Topspin Technique

You can’t survive in the modern table tennis without a good backhand topspin or backhand drive technique. Coach EmRatThich gives you the best 3 tips to perform the aggressive backhand attack. This stroke is not as powerful as the forehand topspin, but […]