Fake Timo Boll Spirit versus Real one

real Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit with black bronze

Hello. Welcome back to PingSunday. Butterfly blade is the best table tennis blade on the market. Many professional players play the Butterfly table tennis racket. How to identify fake Timo Boll spirit? Timo Boll Spirit is also the target to be fake in the Chinese market. I have explained some features of the fake Butterfly … Read more


Tragic News: Coach Truong Tu has passed away

Coach Truong Tu

Sad News coach Truong Tu passed away. Table tennis coach, Truong Tu has passed away. He is the professional table tennis coach, sponsored by Butterfly Nord America. Truong Tu passed away peacefully in his home this weekend. Truong was a valuable member of the Bowmar Sports/Butterfly family as well as the Silicon Valley Table Tennis … Read more


Butterfly Revoldia CNF review – first nanofiber blade

Revoldia blade

Butterfly Revoldia is the new blade from Butterfly. This is the first blade that features cellulose nanofiber. This technology is called CNF (Cellulose nanofiber). What is CNF technology? The Butterfly Revoldia CNF offers a revolutionary blade fabrication technology. Unlike traditional carbon, ALC, TAMCA, or ZLC fibers, this revolutionary fiber sets a new benchmark for blade … Read more


Butterfly Maze Performance – very good all-wood blade

Maze Performance

Butterfly Maze Performance Review – Fast, all-wood blade. It’s a light and easy-to-use all-wood blade. Maze Performance This is a very good blade with a soft feeling because of Limba’s outer layer. Easy to use and to spin the ball. If you like the topspin, then this blade is for you.   Light and easy … Read more


Boll Mezzoforte Review – very good all-round blade

Butterfly Boll Mezzoforte - Flared Handle

Boll Mezzoforte Review – very good all-round blade. Boll Mezzoforte The Boll Mezzoforte may be played in any scenario thanks to its modest weight, moderate speed, and easy handling. Its medium hardness allows for a long ball dwell time, making it easier to spin the ball and allowing for a wide range of playing techniques. … Read more


Butterfly Falcima Review – Great blade for beginners

Butterfly Falcima good blade for beginner

Butterfly Falcima Blade coming on March 1st, 2022. It’s a very good blade for beginners. Butterfly Falcima New 5-ply all-wood Butterfly Falcima blade. The Falcima offers great bounce and stability. This blade’s moderate weight makes it easy to swing and produce power. The Falcima offers great bounce and stability. Ply: 5W Blade Thickness: 6.0mm Blade … Read more


Butterfly Timo Boll CAF review

Timo Boll CAF

The Timo Boll CAF includes a novel carbon fiber called “control assist fiber”, which combines greater stability, precision, and responsiveness. The 5 ply blade is recommended for players seeking a high ball dwell time special fiber blade. Butterfly Timo Boll CAF Initially, it’s a mix of wood and carbon. Mixture of Stiga Allround Classic and … Read more


Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC Review

Lin Gaoyuan ALC

Butterfly Lin Gaoyuan ALC Review. Amazing blade. It’s 83g-90g. A quick but soft blade due to the ALC layers. I recommend this blade to anyone searching for a rapid blade with a soft feel. World-class quality. Tenergy 05fx for control-oriented gameplay, Tenergy 05 Hard for a faster game, and Andro Rasanter R42 for mid-distance attacking … Read more


Butterfly Viscaria review – one of the best blade


Review of my blade, Butterfly Viscaria. Powerful when needed, but also controlled and forgiving. This is my favorite blade. The best ALC blade ever made. No match for this legendary blade. All strokes are very crisp, with a medium-hard feel. With each topspin, the ball trajectory is precise with a lot of spins. Longer dwell … Read more


Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Faster or Slower than Viscaria?

Viscaria Super ALC (2)

With the new trend in table tennis, you need a harder and faster racket. Butterfly will release the Viscaria Super ALC very soon. What is this blade? About Viscaria Super ALC Released date: March 1, 2022. Butterfly Viscaria Super ALC Blade is coming on March 1st, 2022! The first-ever Super Arylate-Carbon Blade. The price will … Read more


Top 16 Table Tennis Brands [Official Website]

best table tennis brand

Here is the list of the most well-known table tennis manufacturers and suppliers that you should know. You can be confident to buy high-quality and authentic products from these ITTF authorized brands. There are also many trusted and credible distributors and shops, which distribute the table tennis equipment of these brands around the globe. Best … Read more


Fan Zhendong equipment and playing style

Fan Zhendong amazing performance in 2021

Fan Zhendong went to become the youngest ITTF World Tour Champion and the youngest World Table Tennis Champion. He achieved the top spot in the world rankings after holding position No. 2 for 29 consecutive months, starting from November 2015. Fan Zhendong is a Butterfly sponsored player Since November 1, 2021, Fan Zhendong is currently … Read more


List of Butterfly sponsored players in the world

Table Tennis and Ping Pong Team Members of Butterfly

In terms of table tennis equipment, Butterfly is the most widely recognized brand. Hikosuke Tamasu, a Japanese international player, formed Tamasu Company Ltd. on December 19, 1950. Several of the sport’s top players promote Butterfly’s table tennis equipment, which is now available all around the world. Here is the list of Butterfly-sponsored players. Butterfly sponsored … Read more


Top 10 Best Backhand Rubbers of All Time

best table tennis rubbers for backhand side

What is the best table tennis rubber for modern table tennis? Choosing the backhand rubber is not the same as forehand rubber? There are common questions that many new players asked me. So today I will try to explain how to buy a perfect table tennis rubber for your backhand. This buying guide is updated … Read more