Top 10 best Butterfly table tennis rubbers

Top 10 Butterfly rubbers review by coach EmRatThich

What are the best Butterfly table tennis rubbers? Hello. How are you? I’m EmRatThich. Today, let’s talk about the most popular table tennis rubber of Butterfly. Here are the top 10 Butterfly rubbers, based on the YTD $ sales in America during the recent 6 months of sale. I have also made the list of … Read more


Difference between Hurricane 3 and Hurricane 8 and Tenergy 05

DHS Hurricane 8 - a good alternatif of Hurricane 3

What is the difference between Hurricane 3 and Hurricane 8 and Tenergy 05? Which one is better? Let’s review it with coach EmRatThich. I’m extremely interested in trying out the new blade and rubber, and I’ll do so if I have the chance. This time I used Hurricane 8 rubber, which is a little stronger, … Read more