Learning the basic backhand topspin technique

Basic backhand topspin techniques with chinese coach

Learning the backhand topspin technique. Hello, welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis. I’m EmRatThich. Today, we will learn the basic backhand topspin technique with the beautiful Chinese coach, coach Cha Xiaoxi. This is the basic skills in table tennis. 01 The principle Coach Cha Xiaoxi explained that, when doing this … Read more


How to apply power from the ground to backhand side

Generate the power by using your legs for the forehand

Hello, Welcome back to PingSunday, I’m EmRatThich. How to apply the Power From The Ground concept for the backhand topspin? What is Power From the Ground? “Power from the ground” is a very famous concept in table tennis. It’s the way to generate the power, by using the legs. How to apply this concept? Philipp … Read more


9 Important Backhand Techniques In Table Tennis

Table Tennis Backhand Techniques

In table tennis, there are 3 ways to win consistently: your backhand, your forehand attack, and your service (ace serve). So backhand is one of the most important “weapons” to win in table tennis. Nowadays, you can go pro without a solid backhand technique. The importance of backhand techniques Today, having a good backhand is … Read more


Easy step to backhand loop against backspin ball

Backhand loop technique tutorial

The backhand loop technique is the basic skill in ping pong. Not many amateur players know how to do this technique. Let’s learn this stroke with the help of a Chinese coach. What exactly is a backhand loop in table tennis? Backhand loop against underspin ball is the basic technique in table tennis that every … Read more


How to play backhand topspin technique

backhand topspin techniques in table tennis

You can’t survive in modern table tennis without a good backhand topspin or backhand drive technique. Coach EmRatThich gives you the best 3 tips to perform the aggressive backhand attack. This stroke is not as powerful as the forehand topspin, but it’s a quick attack close to the table. Backhand topspin vs backhand loop In general, backhand … Read more