How to add more spin in your backhand flick

add more spin to backhand flick

Welcome back to PingSunday, the best place to learn table tennis. Today, we will improve the most important backhand technique in table tennis: The backhand flick. These are the coaching tips from the Chinese national team. Backhand flick with a pendulum rotation of the wrist. This is the special skill of Zhang Jike. His backhand … Read more


9 Important Backhand Techniques In Table Tennis

Table Tennis Backhand Techniques

In table tennis, there are 3 ways to win consistently: your backhand, your forehand attack, and your service (ace serve). So backhand is one of the most important “weapons” to win in table tennis. Nowadays, you can go pro without a solid backhand technique. The importance of backhand techniques Today, having a good backhand is … Read more


Boomerang Flick in table tennis (Zhang Jike’s technique)

Zhang Jike Strawberry backhand flick techniques

You may know backhand “banana flick” or “chiquita flick”. But have you heard about the “Boomerang Flick” (Strawberry flick) in table tennis? Today, I will show you a training session of Zhang Jike and the China Head Coach Liu Guoliang. What is the “boomerang” flick in table tennis? In fact, the “boomerang” flick is the pure … Read more


Backhand flick technique in table tennis with Chinese coach

Backhand flick technique tutorial

Coach EmRatThich explains to you how to do a strong backhand flick in table tennis based on a tutorial of Zhao Yiyi from the chuantt website. This backhand technique is becoming the standard stroke in table tennis nowadays. Why backhand flick is so important? It is used to attack the short ball, with topspin or underspin at … Read more