Some updates about Alexis Lebrun

Injury of Alexis Lebrun

Some updates about Alexis Lebrun. Alexis Lebrun equipment Alexis Lebrun’s equipment is from Butterfly. His blade is the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC. Alexis Lebrun is injuried in 2022 Alexis Lebrun has just announced his injury in 28/11/2022. He said: This year has been exceptional for Alexis. Year during which he left 300 days in competition. … Read more


Alexis Lebrun says goodbye to Butterfly

Tibhar will sponsor Alexis Lebrun and Felix Lebrun

Alexis Lebrun says goodbye to Butterfly. Alexis Lebrun and Felix Lebrun are the 2 new rising stars in table tennis. Sponsored by Butterfly They are the players who are sponsored by Butterfly. But recently, Phong Nguyen on our table tennis connect group, has informed us about the news. Alexis Lebrun and Felix Lebrun will quit … Read more


World table tennis ranking and upsets

Tomokazu Harimoto - butterfly

In the WTT European Summer Series competition, there are many upsets in table tennis. Why? One of the reasons is that it’s very hard to predict who is stronger based on the WTT World ranking. It’s no longer the true ladder of the world’s top table tennis player. The new table-tennis rating system Here is … Read more


Who is stronger? Alexis Lebrun or Felix Lebrun

Alexis Lebrun vs Felix Lebrun

Who is stronger? Alexis Lebrun or Felix Lebrun? Welcome back to PingSunday. I’m EmRatThich. There are the brothers, Alexis Lebrun is the older brother. And Felix Lebrun is the younger brother. Who is stronger? Alexis Lebrun is 18 years old, while Felix Lebrun is only 15 years old. The older brother is playing in the … Read more


Alexis Lebrun’s amazing performance at WTT 2022

Alexis defeated Xue Fei

Alexis Lebrun has a very good performance at WTT this year. Alexis Lebrun defeated Tomokazu Harimoto And one more Alexis Lebrun feat! After dominating German Dimitrj Ovtcharov in Hungary, the 2022 French champion has just treated himself to the scalp of Japan’s nugget Tomokazu Harimoto, World No. 4, in the 3-0 WTT Tunis final. Wow … Read more


Félix Lebrun equipment and playing style

Dignics 09c on both sides

Félix Lebrun equipment and playing style. Welcome back to PingSunday. Recently we talked about the French player, Alexis Lebrun. Do you know his little brother, Félix Lebrun? Félix Lebrun is the little brother of Lebrun’s brother. Lebrun Felix is a table tennis player from France. He was born on September 12, 2006. He has played … Read more


Alexis Lebrun’s equipment and playing style


What is Alexis Lebrun’s equipment and playing style? What is the playing style of Alexis Lebrun? And what is his equipment? Biography A member of the junior French national team. Currently, he is considered the best table tennis player in France. With Simon Gauzy, Emmanuel Lebesson, and his little brother Félix Lebrun, France will have … Read more


French National Table Tennis Championships 2022

Alexis Lebrun

Championnats de France 2022 was the 92nd time that France’s annual national championship was held. The best French players, 48 men and 48 women each, were chosen by the French national federation to take part. The championship was held in Mouilleron-le-Captif, France, over one weekend (June 24–26, 2022). Men and women competed for medals in … Read more


Alexis Lebrun – the new World youth leader

Alexis Lebrun - n1 youth

This year’s World Youth No.1 is Alexis Lebrun, who hails from France. His little brother (Felix Lebrun) is also a very good player – one of the best penholders in Europe. Tomokazu Harimoto and Alexis Lebrun, who is better? Tomokazu Harimoto has been dethroned by Lebrun as the world’s finest young athlete, kicking off a … Read more


LeBrun brothers – new hope for Europe

Many Gold medal for Alexis and Felix

The LEBRUN brothers were born in Sudie, in Montpellier in the year of grace 2003 (Alexis) then 2006 (Félix). Family tradition obliges, their mother to give birth, not classically on an obstetrical table, but lying on a Butterfly table. Their father Stéphane cutting each time, with dexterity, and without firing a shot, the umbilical cord … Read more