Table Tennis Training Camp in Europe

Table Tennis Training Camp in Europe

Many players asked me about the training camp in China. It would be a great experience to train in the country of table tennis. But how about training in your own country or nearby? I personally, appreciate the training quality in several high-quality training camps. Here are some of them.

Open International Training Camp in Portugal

This training camp is lead by several elite coaches in Europe: Elite coaching from Portugal, England, France, Malta, and Belarus.

Table Tennis Training Camp in Europe
Table Tennis Training Camp in Europe

Here is the list of the coach: Eli Baraty, Julien Girard, David Diniz, Afonso Vilela, Mario Genovese, Aleksey Yefremov. They are all qualified ETTU coaches, and coach at the elite, national and Pro level.

Training Camp Accomodation and Program
Training Camp Accommodation and Program

The best way to spend Easter holidays is to attend a High-level training camp in a sunny and lovely place on the sea in Portugal 6 European coaches + 4 Top players, including Romain Ruiz (Pro A French player) and Stephane Ouiache (2x France Champion), will give you the best during of this week.

Not be worried if your level it’s too high or it’s perhaps too low we will manage the best practice for you. 5 hours of Table Tennis + boarding + lodging in a nice location on the beach.

Contact: Pablo Rocha – Phone: (+351) 914205011 Email:


09:00 – 10:15 – Footwork – regular and irregular exercises
10:30 – 12:00 – Service orientated drills
12:00 – 12:50 – Lunch break
12:50 – 14:30 – Introduction of drills orientated around match situation
14:30 – 15:00 – Physical training

Friday session includes a team competition where each team is managed by one of the coaches. Great fun and can get very competitive!

Summer Training Camp
Summer Training Camp

B75’s International Table Tennis Camp in Denmark

The table tennis club B75 keeps developing their international training camp that is held every summer from 15th to 31st July.

B75 is selected as one of ITTF’s Hotspot Centre. The training methods and philosophies at the summer camp are implemented into the daily practices and camps of the table tennis club B75. B75 is open for visitors all year round.

B75 Denmark table tennis training camp
B75 Denmark table tennis training camp

The summer camp 2019 is scheduled for 15th to 31st of July.

75 International Training Camps; based on the ideas of Lars Rokkjaer. He helps people, structures, governments, associations and in this case, sportspeople to get the best out of their potential. He brings together the best experts out of the field to come to a higher level of experience in greater happiness. The B75 Table Tennis Camps are organized on a non-profit basis. A unique table tennis training environment with a unique educational system with 21 outstanding coaches.

Official club:


Recommended by ETTU.

5-15 days of intensive Training Camp
15th July – 31th July 2019


  • 21 top coaches, including 7 from China, and 5 assistant coaches
  • 4 top players as sparring partners so everyone can practice with a better player
  • Two daily 2.5 hours training sessions combining exercises, multiball, and match play


You can register for one, two or three “training weeks” of 5 days each. There is a rest day between each week, for a total of 17 days.


480 € In a classroom, you must bring your own mattress and bedding
510 € In a Four beds room
580 € In a Double room
800 € In a Single room
380 € Training only with no meals and room

Most players stay an extra night before or after camp. Each extra night costs 25 €. If you stay an extra night, you should expect to change rooms.


GVHTT Table Tennis Academy Training Camp

GV. HENNEBONT – Table Tennis Training has three possible alternatives:

  • -outside school holiday periods.
  • -during school holidays.
  • -training weekend.

The technical members of the team will, thanks to their experience, offer you the possibility to further develop your playing skills and to improve your game. Thanks to a specialized coach for technique, tactic and physic the whole art of table tennis will be covered.

Stage Tennis de Table a Hennebont gvhtt
Stage Tennis de Table a Hennebont gvhtt


Training (place: Salle Omnisports – 56410 ETEL)
Every day 5 hours and 30 minutes training will be proposed (from 9h00 till 12h00 and from 17h00 till 19h30)

Three working groups (Technique, Tactic, Physic) with one coach for each working group as well as individual exercises will be proposed.

Players with regional, national and international rankings and the young players of the training camp of the club…, will give the experienced table tennis players that you are the possibility to improve their game.


The afternoon and the evening are at your free disposal. You can use this free time to either go to the beach (only 800 m away from the sports complex), to practice other sports (collective sports…) or to visit the region which offers culturally many possibilities. Two qualified coaches will be in charge of you.

Full accomodation:

Where: in the “Centre d’hébergement Maritime-Aquacole (38, avenue Louis Bougo – 56410 Etel) only 300 m away from the training camp for those participants who have chosen full or half pension.

Very Nice Accodomation in the training camp
Very Nice accommodation in the training camp


Where: in the “Lycée Maritime-Aquacole (38, avenue Louis Bougo – 56410 Etel) starting at 9h00 on the first day of the training course. You may also want to arrive one day prior, for a supplement of 20 Euro.


Full pension 399,00 Euro
Half pension 289,00 Euro
External 239,00 Euro


TT Camp Hungary

Intensive Summer Holiday Camps in Hévíz, Balaton on July 28th-August 4th 2019.


We will run another exclusive 1 week intense Table Tennis training camp holiday on the 28th of July- August 4th, 2019. The camp will be situated just a few miles east of Lake Balaton, in a town called Hévíz.

We aim to mix the high quality of training along with great activities and team building events after sessions and an end of the week competition to ensure a great memorable week! Hévíz is a beautiful town well known for its thermal lake. Former World Champion Tibór Klampar will be a special guest on Friday.

You can build your own package for the week depending on your requirement, you can choose how much you want to practice, if you want meals with the group, if you want to join in with the programs, etc. So please select an option for each of these categories. You can also have private 1v1 lessons with our coaches in the afternoon from 17.00-18.00.


  • Bem Tábornok Tér 3, Eger, 3300
  • Tel +36 70 424 6863 (William Maybanks)

Zugbrücke Grenzau TT School

Table tennis enthusiasts from all over the world rave about the special atmosphere of the table tennis school in Grenzau. Many experienced trainers provide professional courses and individual training courses for all course participants, no matter their age or skill level. The TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau, one of Germany’s most successful Bundesliga table tennis clubs, also trains here.

The training center of the ZUGBRÜCKE is not just a sports facility, but a sports hall that was built only for table tennis.

Therefore, the conditions here are ideal for your table tennis training and our favorite sport – from the grippy red sports floor over the latest equipment from BUTTERFLY to glare-free lighting.



    Head of the table tennis school
  • 0 26 24-10 57 05

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For any question about the training camp in Europe, you can join this Public Group and ask: Table Tennis Training Camp Public Group on Facebook.Related Posts:

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