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Table tennis quiz and giveaway every week

I’m EmRatThich. I worked hard, but I feel that I’m so lucky, compared to many table tennis players around the world.

I feel that nowadays, the situation is very hard. The crisis is everywhere.

15 USD giveaway in table tennis every Sunday

So I decide to make a giveaway, a gift, a donation to you, the table tennis player around the world.

Every Sunday, at 15:00 (3 pm GMT +2 Paris time), you can join my “table tennis quiz”.

The winner will get the prize. (1st winner will get 10 USD, 2nd winner will get 5 USD)

table tennis quiz for fun every week

Watch this video.

When to join?

Every Sunday, around 3 pm (Paris time), we will make a QUIZ on my YouTube channel. The winner will get the giveaway.

How to join

  • You need to have a computer or a smartphone.
    Go to https://kahoot.it/
  • Type the “Game PIN” (the Game Pin is founded on my Youtube Live video)
  • Answer the Multiple Choice Questions shown on my YouTube LIVE.

The prize

Today, I can manage to make a giveaway of 50USD every month.

So each week, the winner will get about 15 USD. The winner will get the prize. (1st winner will get 10 USD, 2nd winner will get 5 USD)

I know that this amount is small for some players, but it could be a good amount for other players. The main purpose is to have fun and to learn about table tennis together.

I hope that my YouTube income is bigger, so I can give you the bigger prize. I also need to pay for the license of Kahoot.

So let’s have fun with me.

The purpose is:

1) to have fun together, to make friends
2) to learn more about table tennis
3) if you are lucky, then you win a small prize

I need your help

If you have multiple choices questions about table tennis, then please send me. I need your questions and your answers to build up the QUIZ.

If you are in good condition, then you can support me by Patreon. Or you can use the SuperChat during the live stream.

Thank you and see you every Saturday.

Winner list

Here is the list of winners weakly. I will update this date every week.

1st giveaway

The prize is 50 USD.

The message of the winner:

Congratulation SergioTT (1st giveaway winner)

Watch this video.



2nd giveaway

The prize is 15 USD.


Hi Coach EmRatThich, thank you very much for the giveaway! I am very honored to receive $15 USD from you and I will put the money into good use.
I will save up in order to buy my dream blade (viscaria) and I look forward to your videos!
Leroy Jenkins

3rd giveaway

The message of winners:

Thank you coach emratthich for your kindness. I am very thankful and honored to be the winner for this week’s giveaway. I wish you good health and safety in these difficult times!


4th giveaway



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