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Easy step to backhand loop against backspin ball

The backhand loop technique is the basic skill in ping pong. Not many amateur players know how to do this technique. Let’s learn this stroke with the help of a Chinese coach.

What exactly is a backhand loop in table tennis?

Backhand loop against underspin ball is the basic technique in table tennis that every beginner should master. Coach EmRatThich explains the best 3 tips to improve your backhand skills. There are in general 9 important backhand techniques that you should know.

The backhand loop is an advanced topspin stroke based on the backhand drive. Before attempting to perfect the backhand loop, you should be able to play a good backhand drive.

5 tips to improve your BACKHAND LOOP (with Ferenc Horvath)

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It shares the similarity with the forehand loop, that is this technique generates a lot of spins.

The Perfect Forehand Loop HD

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Why backhand loop is so important?

So practice a solid backhand loop. You’ve gained a tactical advantage. Not only may you attack first, but you can also choose where to attack.

You could go crosscourt to the opponent’s waiting backhand block, but going deep to the middle (the midpoint between the opponent’s forehand and backhand, around the elbow) or down the line to the forehand is more successful.

Ma Long's micro adjustment for the backhand topspin
Ma Long’s micro-adjustment for the backhand topspin

(The same concept applies when playing against a lefty or vice versa) With a good backhand loop, you take control; immediately, your opponent is forced to either attack balls he isn’t comfortable attacking, or give you the attack, where you define where you attack while all he can do is respond.

It also adds diversity to your forehand loop, forcing your opponent to adjust to both loops, which come out differently.

The basic stance for the backhand loop

Your feet should be separated by at least equal to shoulder widths. Your feet should face the direction you intend to strike the ball. Your knees should be bent slightly.

Stand slightly wider than shoulder
Stand slightly wider than shoulder

You should also need to relax the upper body. Learn from Ma Long’s backhand loop technique.

How to backhand loop off push?

To do the backhand loop technique correctly in table tennis, there are 3 steps:

The first step: Lower your center of gravity, and lead your body forward, fold your abdomen. Many players forget this step, and they just stand up straight, so can’t add enough power to lift the underspin ball.

Table Tennis Fundamental Skills: Backhand Loop Against Backspin

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The second step: Keep your elbow high, and drop your racket down lower than the table. Many of you do the wrong technique, that you drop your elbow and your racket at the same time.

No! Don’t do that. The elbow is the rotation axis if you drop your elbow low, how can you use the elbow to lift the ball?

Hit the ball early before the highest position
Hit the ball early before the highest position

This is the common error of many amateur table tennis players. Please fix your elbow, don’t move it. You can fold your back to adjust to the ball but keep your elbow high.


The final step: Close your racket about 45 degrees. Wait for the ball at its highest position on the bounce. And then accelerate and brush the ball. The main force comes from the elbow.

You can also use your back to add power to your Backhand loop. To do that, stand up your body and rotate the elbow at the same time, and then hit the ball. Some players can’t backhand loop because they don’t know how to add power to the stroke.

Ma Long | Backhand Technique | Slow motion | High Definition | Table Tennis

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They drop the elbow too low, and they can’t rotate to lift the ball. If you film yourself, you will see that you don’t rotate the elbow enough, but just stand up too straight, and you hit the ball too soon.

If you loop the ball to the net, just wait for a little, and hit the ball later. If you loop the ball out of the table, that means the ball doesn’t have enough spin, so accelerate the ball faster.

Best 3 tips to do the backhand loop the backspin ball

To backhand loop correctly, you need to fold your abdomen. This action will help you to put the elbow high and forward. The elbow is the main rotation axis to lift the ball.


To add the power to the stroke. You need to use all of the body: the back, the hip, and the leg. The muscle around the elbow is not strong enough, so use the force from the ground to accelerate and hit the ball.

To lift the underspin ball, you need to accelerate into the ball. To do that, relax your wrist, hold your racket loosely, and suddenly rotate and lift the ball. Remember: It’s like the way the cowboy whips off the horse. Relax and Whip!

A related article, learn Ma Long’s backhand technique to loop the heavy underspin ball.

Another option to deal with the topspin ball on your backhand side is to do the new “Boomerang flick”.

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