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Our Table Tennis Forum is Live!

This is the place for us (table tennis players) to:

  • Discuss, ask for opinion about any table tennis equipments
  • Ask for free table tennis coaching advice
  • Review with many players about equipments, coaching, playing styles, techniques, etc.

See you there.


Here are some short video, I answered your equipment question:



EmRatThich, March 2020.

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volker klaczynski
volker klaczynski
6 months ago

Dear Mr. EmRatThich
I am currently playing the Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC.
My question is whether the Viscaria has faster and more control than the Zhang Jike, although supposedly both have the same structure? Or is a heavy Viscari just faster with 93 grams? What is the best weight for a table tennis blade?
Volker Klaczynski
PS; Is there an alternative to these two woods because the prices are quit

Kevin Le
Kevin Le
6 months ago

Dear Mr. EmRatThich! I actually like all your articles mentioning about table tennis. I am wondering now about what is the difference between Viscaria normal version with Viscaria Gold Edition (except for the price issue). I am now using a Lin Gaoyuang blade that is said that it has the same composition of Viscaria. What is your opinion about this problem? I am looking forward to receiving your answer. Thank you so much!

Nguyễn Thành Luân
Nguyễn Thành Luân
6 months ago

Hello Coach, before I used stiga clipper cr wrb blade, this blade give me great feeling. After I read your article i want to improve my back hand, I swap to viscaria blade then my backhand really improve, thanks your artilce but my style is looping machine so should I swap to hurricane long 5 or 3 because I I still want good feeling ( some review said long 3 give more feeling than long 5 ). You have just talk to me on facebook now you really like sanwei product, can you share your experience.

John David
John David
6 months ago

Dear Mr EmRatThicn

I´m currently playing the Nittaku Acoustic, FH Sanwei National Target and BH Stiga Matra H, I feel the FH rubber less bouncy , do you recommend boost the FH rubber like H3? I read your articule about FH Rubers and you dont say about boost the Sanwei jus the H3. Thanks. Best regards

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