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How to Glue Chinese Rubbers – Professional Tips

Welcome to the Ping Sunday table tennis blog of coach EmRatThich: a place to learn table tennis correctly and with fun. Today, let’s learn how to glue tacky Chinese rubber like a pro. I’ve explained the top 5  glues to use in table tennis here. If you have a problem to glue tacky Chinese rubbers, you are at the right place. Because when you boost Chinese rubbers, it’s very hard to glue it to the blade correctly.

How to glue Chinese rubbers

Boosted Chinese rubbers are not easy to glue because it is not flat (the curved surface). That’s why you need to use a strong water-based glue (like Haifu Glue, DHS 15 Glue or Revolution 3). Here is the instruction of how to glue Chinese rubbers correctly.

Step 1 – Use strong and thick glue (read above)

Always choose strong and thick glue for Chinese rubbers. Here is the list of top 5 glues to use with Chinese rubbers.

Haifu glue: Best glue for Chinese rubbers
Haifu glue: Best glue for Chinese rubbers (check info)

Step 2 – Don’t glue when the booster is still wet.

You need to wait for the booster to be absorbed into the sponge. I’ve explained how to tune Chinese Hurricane 3 rubbers here.

After 3 layers of booster during 3 days - the sponge is completed curved
After 3 layers of the booster during 3 days – the sponge is completed curved

Step 3 – Apply several glue layers (4 to 7 layers)

Use DHS 15 Glue, and apply several layers of glue on the sponge. Every time use the hot wind to blow to accelerate this process (around 2 minutes)

First, Brush a thin layer of DHS 15 Water-based glue onto the rubber
First, Brush a thin layer of DHS 15 Water-based glue onto the rubber

Then apply the next level layers of glue to form a thick glue:

Step 5 - apply the water-based glue on the rubber (DHS 15 glue)
Then apply the next glue layer on the rubber (using DHS 15 glue)

Step 4 – Apply the glue on the blade

step 5 - Apply the normal glue (DHS 15 glue) on the blade
step 4 – Apply the normal glue (DHS 15 glue) on the blade

Step 5 – Gently press the rubber onto the blade with a roller

Step 5, Finally, Glue the rubber with a roller
Step 5, Finally, Glue the rubber with a roller

Here is the full video of ppball, that shows you how to boost and glue Chinese rubbers:


乒乓球膨脹劑/油教學 Table Tennis Booster

Watch video above ☝.


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I’m a table tennis coach in a small club in France. During my spare time in the weekend, I create videos to share with you my own experiences about table tennis. That’s why the blog is called “Ping Sunday” (Ping Pong Tutorial on Sunday).

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20 thoughts on “How to Glue Chinese Rubbers – Professional Tips”

  1. Hi there, hello ERT,
    today I ran into a curious situation, when I wanted to glue my H3 blue sponge to another blade. The H3 was boostered some month ago. After taking off, the rubber curled in the opposite way as after boosting (dome). The edges came up heavyly and stayed this way. Is this a signal, that the booster is done?


  2. > The booster will make the sponge softer to 3-4 degree.
    In ESN or DHS scale?

    > Glue it correctly, hit very hard during 2 weeks, and then you can have an optimal hardness range that you want.

    How many hours of play it would be?

  3. Hello,
    I am a player from Brazil and i would to share with you my experience. I play with T05 on my forhand without boost and I don´t like to buy my rubbers directly from a Butterfly store in Brazil because it’s different, softer sponge, less control and feeling. I know an amateur player that plays at an professional European club and have contact with pro players. This guy buy some rubber that the pro’s dislike just after 1 or 2 days of practicing and sell for me for a good price. This rubber is completely different. It has more control, feeling, speed spin and hardness but less durability.
    In my opinion the pro players rubbers are similar to tires of a car race that are made to be less durable but better for high speed race’s

  4. With regards to boosting when u boost if its a tensor rubber dont use butterfly chack or any other water based specific tt company glue.Buy some tear mender which is completely voc free cheap and easily available as it can be easily removed from the tensor rubber sponge without any issues.16 OZ ie 480 ml will cost only 20 us dollars.Also for chinese rubbers use the tear mender it works great and holds the rubber perfectly.Dont forget the boosted rubbers need to be placed in a
    book press or rubber press for close to 12 hrs for perfect bonding or else the rubber comes out soon from the blade.Also if u boost wait for 7 days after booster application with falco long and 9 days with xtreme booster for great response.I personally threw falco long booster as it is not healthy and it is a precancerous chemical but falco life expander has no voc and doesnot smell u can use that but works for 3 to4 weeks only.
    Falco long increases the weight of rubber by 5 gm where as xtreme booster only by 2 gm and falco increases rubber thickness where as xtreme booster no increase in thickness at all.

  5. Also i started plating with t05 and i dont have anything against it.Its a damn good rubber for backhand.Iget the same effect with battle 1 with 3 layers of xtreme booster so why waste dollars.Battle 2 is a replica of t05 with almost same size inverted pips with tackiness and hard rubber.Battle 1 is a replica of t05 with almost same size inverted pips with no tackiness and soft sponge(weird rose pink sponge which has inverted dome).Battle 2 and Battle 1 both have high throw angle so Battle 2 great for FH and Battle 1 for BH.
    Pro players also get customised blades .I was very impressed with rakza 7 for bh but less controllable but very grippy.I watch coach videos when i am exercising and it helps a lot

  6. Pro Players get Pro Rubbers period end of discussion i have played professional cricket and i can throw a cricket ball almost size of a baseball close to 92 mph and my shoulder is freaky good and so are my legs although i have recovered from my right leg fracture around 50%.I play with 729 08 and battle 2 which have hardness close to 8/10 and i can manage it easily. Lately i tried chinese style of looping completely by taking the forehand way behind and it has worked for me great.Two
    players whom i couldnot defeat for last 8 to 9 months i have defeated them both once in 2 weeks.With chinese style of looping ball comes like a banana football kick with lot of force to block it u need a strong blade and u need to close the blade.Pro Players do the same shots like me but are more consistent ,have almost the same power in their shots and have better footwork
    and better eye coordination and feel in their game.If pro players are playing with the same sponge with that power all balls will go out of the table with soft sponge.ITTF rules account for
    the top surface and type of sponge not the hardness of sponge.If a pro player tells that then he i just advertising for that company.With respect to chinese rubbers DHS has different top layers and different sponges for the players.I played with DHS 3 neo skyline 3 neo they are not the same like hard sponges with boosting.U can 729 08 pretuned which plays excellent with the polyballs.

  7. Tenergy 05 special rubber with a hard sponge is just a popular myph.

    Tenergy 05 still remains Tenergy 05. This rubber has been using the same orange Power Sponge 36 hardness degree, ever since the year 2008.
    Tamasu Butterfly is a manufacturer of honour and they never revamped Tenergy rubbers, never special edition of the rubber. Tamasu Butterfly does obey by the ITTF Rules invariably, and the DHS does not.
    Timo Boll told once in his personal blog
    — You can buy just the same Tenergy as mine in any shop worldwide.

  8. I agree with the coach a lot ,i have played with t05,rakza 7,dhs3 neo,sklyline 3 neo and rakza 7 soft but harder rubbers give more precision and ability to dictate speed and accuracy which is not possible with tensors.Thats why mot pros who use tenergy use it on harder sponge and then boost it listen to the sound when dima hits it its boosted t05.Hard chinese rubbers work great
    on blades which are flexible as they add to force of the shot and increase the speed.

    I started playing after 12yrs with mark 5 on yasaka balsa plus then went with yeo power 7 with tenergy 05 fh and 05fx on bh,then moved to dhs 3 neo on fh and skyline 3 neo on bh,
    I liked battle 2 a lot and battle 1 a lot.I have 2 set ups
    yasaka Ma lin soft with 729 08 on fh and battle 1 on bh(my favourite one as i can play all strokes on both bh and fh easily)
    YEO power 7 with battle 2 on fh and rakza 7 on bh (plan is to move to it after another 6 months of training with the softer blade,once my rakza 7 wears out plan is to try battle 1 on bh)
    battle 1 and 2 cost around 20 dollars very high quality rubbers still had no issues with 5 sheets,currently on my 6th month with battle 2.Battle 2 is preboosted if i am not wrong after few months u can retune it with xtreme booster.

  9. xtreme revolution booster and falco life expander can be used as booster very safe and biodegradable ,xtreme has less than 4ppm voc (possibly vegetable oil) and falco life expander is very good on sponge and on top surface.effect on sponge for 4 weeks.
    xtreme costs around 30 us dollars and no residue and follow the instructions,easy to apply for amateurs up to professional and its not cancerous,only on the sponge both chinese and tensor
    Falco life expander is also less than 30 dollars ,can be used on top surface and on sponge,sponge effect is for one month and it doesnot have any voc at all,works on both tensors and chinese rubbers

    I used falco once on battle 2 with great effect but doesnot last long
    currently using xtreme booster on battle 2 and battle 1 with same effect as that of falco.
    currently using the falco on top surface once a week and the xtreme once before attaching the rubber to the blade.


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