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How to play backhand topspin technique

You can’t survive in modern table tennis without a good backhand topspin or backhand drive technique. Coach EmRatThich gives you the best 3 tips to perform the aggressive backhand attack. This stroke is not as powerful as the forehand topspin, but it’s a quick attack close to the table.

Backhand topspin vs backhand loop

In general, backhand topspin and backhand loop techniques are similar in table tennis. Some coaches would prefer that the loop is the topspin far from the table.

Ma Long has fast and strong backhand topspin
Ma Long has fast and strong backhand topspin

But they output the same result: the topspin ball generated by the backhand stroke.

Backhand topspin vs backhand drive

The backhand drive technique is a shortened version of the topspin technique. The backhand drive is used to control the pace of the ball. While the backhand topspin is used to attack and win the point.

attack the long serve with your backhand topspin
attack the long serve with your backhand topspin

The driving technique generates less speed and spin than the topspin technique.

Backhand topspin basic techniques

Backhand topspin is performed in front of your body. To do it properly, you need to drop your racket down and fold your abdomen. The advantage of backhand topspin is the speed. It’s not as powerful as the forehand attack, but with a backhand drive or backhand attack, you can control the pace of the game.

backhand topspin techniques in table tennis
backhand topspin techniques in table tennis


Put your elbow forward and use your elbow as the axis of rotation which generates the power of the stroke. Drop your racket down, accelerate and hit the ball at its highest position. Follow through and come back to the natural position. The key point of the backhand topspin is consistency and speed. Don’t hit too hard, but hit it quickly.

table tennis lessons: backhand topspin technique

Watch this video.


3 Tips Backhand Topspin in Table Tennis:

Here are the 3 tips to do the backhand loop correctly: Using the wrist, bending the abdomen, and the elbow near the body center.

Use your wrist for this stroke. The wrist is placed in the middle of your body and the ball. Brush the ball at the position of 2 o’clock.

Because you hit the ball in front of your body, don’t rotate your hip like the Forehand topspin, but just lower your knee, and bend your abdomen. This action is quick and can add power to your backhand topspin.

Advanced Backhand Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Watch this video.


Don’t open too much your elbow, keep your elbow at the center of your body. If you open too much, the ball can go to the side of the table, and you don’t have enough time to fold the elbow for the next shot.

Learn to control the ball with spin and consistency first. And then, drop your racket down further, and accelerate to add more power later to your backhand loop technique.

Next tutorial:

If you want to attack the ball over the table, use the backhand flick.

Watch the Ma Long backhand technique to topspin the heavy backspin ball.

Or Zhang Jike’s new backhand flick technique.

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7 thoughts on “How to play backhand topspin technique”

  1. Hello coach.

    What does it mean – “brush the ball at the position of 2 o’clock” – how we can understand this?

  2. I see all rubbers you try are faster than the forehand skyline 3 for attacking style maybe try stiga mantra medium sponge or a cheap option palio cj 8000 both faster than skyline if taking the ball on the rise quick off the bounce use skyline 2 ( neo probably )

  3. My daughter Swastika ghosh now very good set Eternity VPS V ply with TG3 SKYLINE NEO Rubber Forehand, but in Backhand I tried GENESIS Stiga and Gold ark 8 now joola Rhyzm P. Please suggest any backhand Rubber for this attacking style player

  4. Hi Vincent. If you want to let your daughter play long pips on her backhand, you should train her a defender. You are right, long pips defensive style doesn’t have the advantages in this modern table tennis.

  5. hi, i have a 13 yrs old daughter, and she started playing TT last 4 years with a long pips in her backhand, im just wondering if its still relevant and can keep up with regards to the new ball (materials) and technique? i see small amount of player in an international level with long pips.


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