T2APAC Table Tennis Rules - Season 1

T2APAC Table Tennis Rules and Schedules

The season one is ended with US$1.75 million prize purse,  one the biggest prize pool in table tennis. With the new format and the new rules, T2Apac has brought so many freshness to the audience.

T2Apac Schedules

Season 1:

Season 1 started with 7 rounds from June to December 2017.
There are 6 stage rounds and a final round (from 7th to 10th December 2017).
There are 4 teams will compete for the final standing.
Season 1 has 4 teams with the leader (the coach) is the well-known table tennis player.
Team JJ - T2APAC Season 1
Team JJ – T2APAC Season 1

Team JJ:

  • Jiang Jialiang (captain),
  • Vladimir Samsonov (Belarus),
  • Chuang Chih-Yuan (Taiwan),
  • Tomokazu Harimoto (Japan),
  • Wu Yang (China),
  • Jeon Ji-hee (South Korea),
  • Matilda Ekholm (Sweden)
Team Maze - T2APAC Season 1
Team Maze – T2APAC Season 1

Team Maze:

  • Michael Maze (captain),
  • Timo Boll (Germany),
  • Aleksandr Shibaev (Russia),
  • Chen Chien-An (Taiwan),
  • Feng Tianwei (Singapore),
  • Yang Ha-eun (South Korea),
  • Hina Hayata (Japan)
Team Persson - T2APAC Season 1
Team Persson – T2APAC Season 1

Team Persson:

  • Jorgen Persson (captain),
  • Jun Mizutani (Japan),
  • Joo Sae-hyuk (South Korea),
  • Mattias Karlsson (Sweden),
  • Bernadette Szocs (Romania),
  • Suthasini Sawettabut (Thailand),
  • Ding Ning (China)
Team Rossi - T2APAC Season 1
Team Rossi – T2APAC Season 1

Team Rossi:

  • Jorg Rosskopf (captain),
  • Dima Ovtcharov (Germany),
  • Shang Kun (China),
  • Paul Drinkhall (England),
  • Cheng I-Ching (Taiwan),
  • Elizabeta Samara (Romania),
  • Georgina Pota (Hungary)

Season 2:

The schedule of season 2 T2APAC will be published soon on T2apac home page.

ITTF and T2APAC are preparing the cooperation for the next season.

T2Apac rules

T2apac applies the new rules and regulation in table tennis: “Time-based format”. Unlike the basic table tennis rules, this rule can make the sport more exciting.
T2Apac basic rules (from T2Apac website)
T2Apac basic rules (from T2Apac website)

T2Apac basic rules

Kill-zone time format

  • Matches will last 24 minutes. After this period, players stop playing and count the points.
  • The clock stops only during one-minute breaks after every two games, at team captains’ time-outs, and when a Kill Zone Game will start.
  • If time expires when a game is in progress, the player in the lead wins the game.
  • The first player to score five points wins the match at the Kill Zone game.

Points and matches rules

  • No deuce! Unlike the traditional format
  • First player to reach 11 points wins the game. You can win at 11-10.
  • Team captains may call for one time-out only once in each match.
  • Each game won is counted for the team’s overall points.

 Team rules

  • Each team consists of three men and three women players. (And one coach)
  • Six matches – three women’s and three men’s singles – to be played during each session
  • 6 regular rounds, one play-off, and finals round)

Professional players training at T2Apac

With T2Apac, you can have a chance to meet your idols. And also to learn from the best techniques.

Here is an example of topspin technique against the heavy underspin ball of a chopper. Jun Mizutani is training with Joo Se Hyuk.

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