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Swedish table tennis becomes stronger than ever

Sweden will have three aces in their quest for gold in two events at the World Championships final in Huston tomorrow. Truls MOREGARD, 19, will compete in the Men’s Singles final, while Mattias FALCK and Kristian KARLSSON will compete in the Men’s Doubles.

Is table tennis popular in Sweden?

Yes, it’s a popular sport here in Sweden. From sports facilities to community centers to office games rooms, to international competition, table tennis is a popular sport in Sweden. There was a Swedish championship for the game in 1925, when it was first played.

WTTC 2021 Houston winners
WTTC 2021 Houston winners

Does Waldner still play?

Jan-Ove Walder is the most well-known table tennis in Sweden. Is he still playing?

No, Jan-Ove Waldner is retired.

At the age of 46, he was forced to retire from an international competition. He started playing with Sprvägens BTK in 2012. When he played his final game for Sprvägen on February 11, 2016, Waldner declared his retirement as a player.

Jan Ove Waldner - the swedish idol of Truls Moregardh
Jan Ove Waldner – the Swedish idol of Truls Moregardh

Truls Moregardh is the next big star from Sweden

Recently, Truls Moregardh is a new star in the Houston WTTC 2021.

MOREGARD defeated Timo BOLL of Germany in the semi-finals (8:11, 8:11, 11:6, 11:8, 10:12, 11:8, 11:5). MOREGARD is ranked 77th in the world, while Timo BOLL is ranked 11th and followed in FALCK’s footsteps.

Truls Moregard has a unique and creative playing style (2)
Truls Moregard has a unique and creative playing style (2)

Mattias Falck is on the top 10 Elite players

Mattias became the first Swede to reach the men’s singles final at the 2019 ITTF World Championships.

Furthermore, FALCK and Kristian KARLSSON have become the first Swedish duo to reach the Men’s Doubles final since 1997 – for the second time. They defeated China’s LIN Gaoyuan and LIANG Jingkun (12-10, 11-8, 11-8) to destroy China’s chances of a fourth consecutive World Championships Men’s Doubles crown.

Mattias FALCK and Kristian KARLSSON
Mattias FALCK and Kristian KARLSSON

“We were overjoyed right after the game. This is an incredible facility to play in, and we want to thank the audience for making it possible for us to do so. We had our own style of play, and we wanted to lock it down in the short game, which I believe we did successfully.

“It was a very successful tactical match for us,” remarked Kristian KARLSSON.

“I just want to offer a big thank you to everyone here in the crowd and back home who has been so supportive of us.” “Thank you very much,” stated Mattias FALCK.

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