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Your Story Begins . . .

Are you a table tennis player? You love this sport and you want to improve your table tennis as fast as possible? If yes, welcome to my channel dedicated to free Table Tennis Coaching Videos.

Make a difference - Support PingSunday
Make a difference – Support PingSunday

I’m a table tennis coach in France. I started to coach young developing players in 2012. I have full-time jobs and during my weekend spare time, I create detailed videos about Table Tennis Coaching Videos. Every Sunday, I upload one video about table tennis (tactics, techniques, or equipment) on my Youtube channel. I collect the ideas during my workdays, and at the weekend, I make a video montage and narration. This process takes normally about 6h – 8h to finish, I normally end up at 2 am Sunday morning (that’s why we have PingSunday).

If I include the time that I need to watch several table tennis tutorials (mostly in English and in Chinese), 10 minutes of coaching video can take upwards of 7 hours. With the help of my friend (Chinese), I will transfer the idea, the philosophy into English as clear and as simply as possible. English is not my native language, so I have to narrate several times for one phrase in my video.

We need your help

Making table tennis videos is very entertaining. Your feedback about your progress has motivated me a lot. That’s the main reason that I continue to make these videos on Youtube. This activity is only my hobby so I can’t make many table tennis videos as you request. I think that making a Patreon page may be a good idea to promote serious table tennis coaching.

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You can offer me a coffee (Ko-fi), it’s one time tip. So don’t worry. You can change to monthly support, or one time tip.

If you love my tutorials, you can tip me a coffee! Thank you for your support!

Link: https://ko-fi.com/pingsunday

Your support will give me more time to focus on making tutorial videos. I know that, recently, my tutorial is not as good as before. I’m sorry for that, since I don’t have enough time like before.

Buy PingSunday EmRatThich a Coffee. ko-fi.com_ping
Buy PingSunday EmRatThich a Coffee

All the best.

3 Ways to Support Us

With your support, I can put more time into creating table tennis coaching videos. If you found my tutorials helpful for your table tennis, there are 3 ways to help us:

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Just give any small amount that you like. A cup of coffee, 5 $, or a National Hurricane 3 rubber? 😀

Thank you very much,
EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach