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Stomp with the right foot or the left foot?

Stomp with the right foot or the left foot?

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How do you stomp during a table tennis serve? Which one is the correct way to stomp your feet?

What is the stomping in table tennis?

Stomping is what a player does when he hits the ground with his feet, making a thud sound.

Ma Long stomping to come back to the ready position
Ma Long stomping to come back to the ready position

This thud is made by the player’s movement, which makes it impossible for the opponent to hear any other sound. This motion has a long history and has caused major arguments in many matches.

Why do table tennis players stomp?

Most of the time, people who play table tennis stomp because they want to hide a good serve. The sound a ping-pong ball makes can give away how hard it is hitting and how fast it is spinning, which can help the other player. It can confuse the opponent by hiding the noise. Stomping can also be a habit that you don’t mean to do.

Stomp with your left foot not the right foot
Stomp with your left foot not the right foot

Stomp with the right foot

Some players stomp their feet during the serve to cover up the sound of the racquet hitting the ball. The speed and spin of a serve can often be guessed by the sound of the contact.

stomping with the right foot - it is the wrong way
stomping with the right foot – it is the wrong way

Other players just step on the ground as they try to give the ball spin.

Stomp with the left foot

If you are the right handed player, then you should stomp with the left foot. The right way to stomp is to stomp with the left foot.

the good way is to stomp with the left foot
the good way is to stomp with the left foot

The professional table tennis players stomp with the left foot. This helps them to rotate the body, and to jump to the ready position quicker.

Stomp with the left foot will help you to recover and balance quicker after your serve.

I have explained in the video of Ma Long’s serve routine.

How to stomp in table tennis (Fan Zhendong)

Watch this video.

See you in the next video!

Some player’s comments

Here are some of player’s comment about stomping:

I stomp with both foot.

Stomping to hide the sound

I don’t think they stomp to hide the sound. They mostly stomp as they transfer the weight from the right foot to the left foot during the contact. The sound is just a side-effect.

Good theory, but you can see this isn’t true for backhand serves where players do not trying to hide anything. They do not stomp, they do a softer step! Neither is the side effect, but if you had to choose, the stomp is not the side effect.

Is stomping controversial?

I would imagine that the “stomp” is somewhat controversial in that it is to cover-up the sound of the racket contacting the ball. It will be interesting to see if the ITTF every takes action on this since they have taken many steps already regarding how you must serve the ball without impairing the opponents view of the contact point, arching the toss, height of toss, etc. But considering it is something that is allowed by all players, there is really no un-fair advantage.

stomping is a way of ”cheating” , hope it becomes prohibited cause it confers an unfair advantage unless both are stomping ! Stomping is no more cheating than hiding your racket while snaking for example! You only need to observe the outcomes. Both can be dealt with. Things will only become banned if they are encounterable, such as finger spin or no-toss serves.

Speed and sound of table tennis ball

Let’s see. The speed of sound is about 767 miles per hour, and the speed of light is roughly 182,000 miles per SECOND. Yeah, I can hear the sound of your serve before I can see it. KEEP STOMPING!

The speed of light is actually 186,282 miles per second. Let’s hope no one else would notice.


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2 thoughts on “Stomp with the right foot or the left foot?”

  1. Creio que muitos argumentos e explicações sobre o stomp apresentados aqui são muito verdadeiros e válidos, contudo, funcionam bem em treinamentos e torneios para amadores. Profissionais já não se deixam afetar tanto pelo stomp, justamente por terem estudado e treinado muito os reflexos e não se deixarem ser surpreendidos por seus adversários.
    Dessa forma, quando mais se desenvolve a técnica entre amadores, maiores são os resultados no jeito de surpreender adversários pelo stomping. É como vejo em minhas observações.
    In english
    I believe that many arguments and explanations about the stomp presented here are very true and valid, however, they work well in training and tournaments for amateurs. Professionals are no longer so affected by the stomp, precisely because they have studied and trained their reflexes a lot and do not allow themselves to be surprised by their opponents.
    In this way, the more the technique is developed among amateurs, the greater the results in the way of surprising opponents by stomping. It is as I see in my observations.


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