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Some information about WTT Regular Challenge 2023

Learn about the 2023 WTT Regular Challenge.

Entering the new year, the first WTT event is about to start, and fans can look forward to more exciting events this season. At the beginning of the new year, WTT has introduce you to the WTT series and the 2023 WTT regular challenge.

2023 WTT regular challenge

The WTT event system is designed for players and fans, and it is an international stage to showcase top table tennis players. The events are held in new, dynamic and entertaining locations, and reflect the extraordinary talents of table tennis stars and tomorrow’s stars through different levels. As the primary event of the WTT series, the WTT Regular Challenge is the main component of world table tennis. As the event is held every year around the world, it is also the starting point leading to the WTT World Cup finals.

WTT event
WTT event
WTT Champion Series
WTT Champion Series

​In 2023, fans can look forward to watching the WTT series in multiple cities around the world.

WTT Event calendar in 2023

At the top is the WTT Series, the official professional table tennis series of events, with the world’s best table tennis players facing off in events of different levels:

  • WTT Contender and WTT Star Contender events, designed to mix global stars, national heroes and rising stars across Men’s and Women’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed competitions.
  • WTT Champions events, featuring high-octane action with the 32 best men’s and women’s singles players
  • WTT Grand Smashes, the foundation of the WTT Series and the pillars of the season, bringing two-week-long thrills with the best 128 Men’s and Women’s Singles players as well as Doubles and mixed doubles action.
  • WTT Cup Finals, one prestigious event at the end of the season, held separately for men and women, with the best of the best only.

​In the first half of 2023, WTT Regular Challenge events will be held in Durban, Doha, Amman, Lagos, Tunisia and Zagreb . Croatia and Qatar will host WTT events for the second and third consecutive years respectively, while Nigeria and Jordan will host the WTT series for the first time.

​From grassroots competitions to top-level competitions, WTT has set up a clear growth channel for players. Each year, players have the opportunity to develop their career paths through various events and move towards the finale of the season – the WTT World Cup Finals. Events all over the world also provide fans with more highlights.

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