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Simple tips to defeat long pimples player in table tennis

How to beat long pimples in table tennis? Long pimple rubber is a rubber to defend in table tennis.

Welcome back to PingSunday, I’m EmRatThich. Today let’s learn the basic tactics to defeat the long pimple player in table tennis.

Best ways to beat long pimples rubbers

For many new and intermediate players, long pimples can be a nightmare. One important thing to know about long pimples is that they are hard to spin. This gives a very big advantage to a player who knows what they are doing because they can control the ball and get the spin they want back.

long pimple rubber Dawei 388D01
long pimple rubber Dawei 388D01

Here are my tips to easily defeat long pimple players.

Watch this tutorial:



01 Attack the long and floating ball

Often, the return from the long pimple is the no spin, floating ball. Don’t push this ball. For the new player, you should attack this ball. If you push this ball, then it will be very high. The opponent will smash it, and win an easy point.

attack the long and floating ball
attack the long and floating ball

02 Simple pattern

Repeat this simple pattern to win. Loop one, then push one, over and over. If you follow the pattern, you will always be looping topspin and pushing backspin. If you’re always switching between different numbers of pushes and loops and dealing with different spins, you’re the one who’s wrong. You will, of course, be confused.

push and attack pattern to deal with long pips
push and attack pattern to deal with long pips

Keep it simple. Just push the heavy backspin ball back instead of trying to topspin it. Your opponent will probably push your push, and the ball will come back to you with no spin or light topspin. Heavy backspin is much harder to attack than this.

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