Table Tennis Laws - Who gets the point

3 minutes to master the law of ping pong

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This is the quick and simple table tennis laws¬†in 3 minutes. I’ve also explained:

Basic Rules


  • The goal of table tennis is simple, like tennis.
  • Hit the ball over the net and land on the opponent’s side.
  • If they miss the ball, you win +1 point, and your opponent wins 0 points!


  • The winner of a game is the first to 11 points.
  • If both players reach 10-10, you need to win 2 points in a row to finish the game.
  • To win a match you need to reach Best-of-5 of best-of-7 game.
Table Tennis Laws - Who gets the point
Table Tennis Laws – Who gets the point

Service Rules

  • Unlike tennis, in a ping-pong: the ball must touch your side.
  • You must throw the ball at least 16 cm upward
  • If the ball touches the net, serve again

Double Rule

  • Service must be diagonal.
  • Always from your right haft table to the right half table of the opponent.
  • In doubles, the server must be rotated.
  • You serve 2 points, and the next time, it’s your friend will serve.

Summary in 3 minutes

Here is the quick recap of the basic rules in table tennis in 3 minutes.


Real examples

Here is an example of the table tennis rules. Even at the high level, the umpire is wrong! Who gets the point?



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Robert Payne
Robert Payne
2 years ago

I think he (Croatia) may have touched the table with his finger (reaching for the dropped racket with his left hand) before Persson hit the ball in the net. See 1:58. However, he was also touching the racket at this point, so maybe it counts as “racket hand below the wrist?”

2 years ago

jerrson gets the point

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