Best Ping Pong Shop in USA

Here is the list of top table tennis shop in North America. You can find the table tennis equipment, accessories, paddle, rackets, balls, robot and more in these online ping pong store.

United States

In the US, maybe, the 2 most popular retailers table tennis shops are Megaspin and Paddlepalace.

Megaspin Ping Pong Store

The Megaspin table tennis store proposes a large variety of products for sale.

MegaSpin Online Equipment for sale
MegaSpin Online Equipment for sale

They are well-known for their customer service.  Megaspin delivers really fast if you are in the US. They are a reliable table tennis shop. You won’t go wrong when buying the product on this well-known retailer in the table tennis community.

Paddle Palace

Paddle Palace is also a credible store, one of the best ping pong supplies. They are well known for the friendly staff and high-quality paddles.

Paddle Palace ping pong online store
Paddle Palace ping pong online store

Others shop in the US


In Canada, people often buy table tennis equipment (paddle, rubber, robot, clothing, etc) on Ping Pong Depot, located in Laval, Quebec.

Shopping at PPD
Shopping at PPD


Another place to buy table tennis equipment and accessories are the online marketplace. Most official table tennis brands (like Butterfly, Stiga, Xiom, Tibhar, Cornilleau) all have their shops on Amazon US and eBay US.

DHS Online Store on Amazon US
DHS Online table tennis store on Amazon US

Here is the list of their official shop, so you can select the product and quickly order.

Buying on these marketplaces is so convenient (fast, +1 day shipping, and guaranteed).

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