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Shang Kun will be absent in TTBL 2021

Shang Kun will be absent in TTBL

Shang Kun’s absence from FC Saarbrücken TT has not yet been replaced. For the time being, the third-placed Chinese team in the table tennis Bundesliga (TTBL) will be without a Chinese representative.

Shang Kun can’t play for FC Saarbrücken TT

This season, Shang Kun has not been able to play for 1. FC Saarbrücken TT due to personal circumstances, and that will not change for the time being. The 30-year-old will remain in China for the time being, according to the TTBL’s third-place team’s announcement on Thursday. Health issues within the immediate family are to blame for this.

The travel limitations imposed by the coronavirus outbreak have an impact on Shang’s availability for the FCS.

Shang Kun is not playing in TTBL Germany
Shang Kun is not playing in TTBL Germany

When it comes to medical emergencies, “I’m afraid I’d have to quarantine myself, which would leave me unable to maintain my family,” says a Chinese player. This is a challenging time in my life, since I am both wanted and required in both Germany and China at the same time.

All competitions are fought for by Saarbrücken’s players

This season has been a triumph even without Shang Kun for the German champions of 2020. As of now, Saarbrücken is third in the TTBL with 12:4 points, third in the German Table Tennis Cup with 12:4 points, and fourth in the Champions League with 12:4. Patrick Franziska, Darko Jorgic, Tomas Polansky, Olav Kosolosky, and Simon Berglund have all been utilized in the TTBL thus far (8:1 individual balance).

Darko Jorgic has a good performance at TTBL
Darko Jorgic has a good performance at TTBL

Sport director Erwin Berg of FCS adds,

“We are in close contact with Shang Kun, and we are now waiting to see whether China would eliminate the current entry requirements and the accompanying quarantine of four weeks. Only then can the club bring him to Germany with a clear conscience and be responsible for his arrival.” Despite his departure, we have a strong team that will continue to succeed without him.”

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