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Rubber for All project – Recycle your used rubbers

How many rubbers do you have? 2, 5, 50, or 500? What do you do with your used rubbers?
Don’t throw it away!

What about your used table tennis rubbers?

Hello, welcome back to PingSunday. I’m EmRatThich.
Today is the WTTD (World table tennis day). Everyone can contribute to this sport. You can also.

I want to promote a wonderful program, “Rubber For All”.

Rubber for All project

What is this project?

“Rubber For All” is the project of Ping Sans Frontieres (PSF).
Homepage: https://www.pingsansfrontieres.org


I’m Marina, PSF communication manager. Nice to meet you!
Thank you very much for this message and for your support about « rubber for all ».

Here is the players that supports this project:

Ambassadors panel reflects PSF
Ambassadors panel reflects PSF

PSF – Ping Sans Frontieres

PSF is a french non-profit organization created in 2006 by Sarah Hanffou, a table tennis Olympian from team Cameroon, and has already interviewed more than 16 countries all over the world.

PSF’s goal is to develop table tennis as an educational tool worldwide but also to create an ecological and solidarity chain to build and redistribute sports equipment all over the world.

That’s why we decided to create the project « rubber for all », as we really want to give sports equipment a second life by redistributing them to PSF kids all over the world.

Don’t throw your rubber away

I have emailed the organization:

“Hello, Sarah and Marina,

I’m a table tennis coach in France. My viewers are mostly from the United States, France, German, Japan, Korea, etc.

I would like to make a video to present “Rubber for All”. Because I found that we as a player, often throw the old rubber away.

I would like that the players will send to your organization so we can help the children. “

The aim of « Rubber for all » is to collect as many rubbers as possible and then, redistribute them to kids all over the world.

The French Federation is helping us with our project and many french clubs are going to participate in this program (and many already do).

Boxed to get the used table tennis rubbers

Boxes have been created to enable clubs to put them on their locals so that players can put their old rubbers on them. But at the moment, boxes are only available in France.

Where to send the used rubbers?

Equipment can still be sent to this address from all over the world :

20 Rue de Romainville, 75019 Paris, France

But donations can also be distributed in many countries.

Why make a donation of worn out material?

Material for table tennis competitions is rather short-lived. Once used up for a competitor, this equipment may well be re-used for leisure or initiation practice.

Message from Aruna QUADRI, ambassador of Ping Sans Frontières, during the donation made during the Africa Cup, Kenya March 2018


Message d'Aruna QUADRI Ambassadeur Ping Sans Frontières

Watch this video.


By donating your worn out equipment to PSF, you will allow the most underprivileged communities to discover table tennis and its benefits. You will give a second life to your equipment destined to be thrown away.

What type of material can you give?

– Table tennis equipment: balls, coating, wood, nets
– Sportswear: shorts, t-shirts, shoes, tracksuits

How can you send your donation?

by mail to our head office: Laurent HUYGHE – PING SANS FRONTIERES – 20 rue de Romainville – 75019 PARIS.
– Delivered by hand at our head office: : Laurent HUYGHE – PING SANS FRONTIERES – 20 rue de Romainville – 75019 PARIS
– Using Cocolis app
– By any other means: contact@pingsansfrontieres.com

Some photos of the PSF activities

PSF has sent the used rubbers to many kids.


How many clubs support this project

More than 150 clubs have joined the process at the moment. Please find attached pictures of the box to collect rubbers.
Please find attached a map made by the French Federation of Table Tennis. You will see all clubs that are part of the project.

So now, you know what to do with your used table tennis rubbers.
See you! coach EmRatThich

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4 thoughts on “Rubber for All project – Recycle your used rubbers”

  1. Hi ERT,
    It seems to be a good project and should be promoted. Maybe it’s possible to offer a PDF (translated?) to get a print of the campaign? This way clubs could use old boxes and stick the print.


  2. Dear Coach, I am an avid ping pong player from USA. Currently, I am playing at one of the largest clubs in the world with 40 tables under one roof. 888 Table Tennis Center in Burlingame, California. I am moved after reading the Rubber for All project. I have decided to collect not just used rubbers but also used paddles. My wife is an artist so I asked her to make the donation box for me so that I can place it at the lobby for f our class. In two days, I have collected more than 10 paddles, and 12 rubbers. My goal is to collect 30 paddles and 30 rubbers.


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