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Buying table tennis equipment online is the new trend nowadays. Buying online is much easier, quicker, and more convenient than go to a table tennis retailer. For the convenient, I also order the equipment for myself and my players online. The main advantage of go to the physical shop is that you can ask the dealer, and test the material. But for some players, there is not the retail store in their proximity, the solution to buy equipment is going to the online store. But which one?

Here is the list of the well-known, and credible table tennis online store around the world. But first of all, let’s talk about the most popular online shop for table tennis players.

What is the most popular table tennis shop?

In general, the most popular shop is well-known and trustful. They have a reliable service that every player trust and buy from their shop. I will analyze the popularity and the traffic of these shops.

Here is the list of well-known table tennis shop around the world and their ranking in term of popularity. The top 3 most popular table tennis online shop is:

  1. Ranked #1 in term of popularity and monthly traffic. (Monthly Visits: 316,279)
  2. The most popular online shop in the US. (Monthly Visits: 167,671)
  3. The official shop of Butterfly North America (Monthly Visits: 145,165)

About: top brands, large stock, low prices, special offers, quick and free international shipping, great customer support. shop at!

  • Sport Rank: #1,588
  • Monthly Visits: 316,279
  • Growing: -21.18%
  • Visitor: 28.96% US

About: professional table tennis equipment store for the table tennis player. quickest shipping, lowest prices, fanatical customer service. rackets, robots, tables, blades, rubber sheets, balls and more.

  • Sport Rank: #3,249
  • Monthly Visits: 167,671
  • Growing: -25.03%
  • Visitor: 43.34% US

About: butterfly north America: table tennis & ping pong equipment, tables, balls, blades, rubber, rackets & more table tennis accessories.

  • Sport Rank: #3,574
  • Monthly Visits: 145,165
  • Growing:-46.10%
  • Visitor: 31.41% US

About: table tennis/ping pong equipment and supplies. paddle palace has the best brands, best service, best prices!

  • Sport Rank: #4,454
  • Monthly Visits: 94,966
  • Growing: 1.83%
  • Visitor: 73.17% US

About: professional table tennis equipment store for the table tennis player. quickest shipping, lowest prices, fanatical customer service. rackets, robots, tables, blades, rubber sheets, balls and more.

  • Sport Rank: #6,205
  • Monthly Visits: 91,843
  • Growing: -49.22%
  • Visitor: 24.08% Canada

About: Wack Sport.

  • Sport Rank: #4,426
  • Monthly Visits: 59,785
  • Growing: -9.37%
  • Visitor: 94.44% France

About: australian table tennis bat experts. ooak stocks a huge range of all the major brands like butterfly, donic, tsp, plus specialist brands like darker, spinlord & re-impact. rubbers, blades, robots, clothes, accessories plus unique bat designs, all in stock. accepts paypal / credit card, ships worldwide.

  • Sport Rank: #10,169
  • Monthly Visits: 43,211
  • Growing: 10.42%
  • Visitor: 36.03% Australia

About: misterping , vente de matériel de tennis de table, les meilleurs revêtements de tennis de table.

  • Sport Rank: #8,509
  • Monthly Visits: 39,370
  • Growing: -4.77%
  • Visitor: 89.27% France

About: all table tennis and ping pong goods, best price, service and worldwide delivery

  • Sport Rank: #12,333
  • Monthly Visits: 31,014
  • Growing: -20.27%
  • Visitor: 22.53% Canada

About: north america’s complete table tennis/ping pong equipment store – buy blades, rubbers, bats, frames,rackets, balls, videos, tables, robots, shirts, shorts from brands xiom, tsp, joola & champion with free shipping and up to 50% discount!

  • Sport Rank: #22,261
  • Monthly Visits: 18,235
  • Growing: -36.75%
  • Visitor: 63.91% US

About: a professional and reliable online shopping center providing a variety of hot selling products at reasonable prices and shipping them globally.

  • Sport Rank: #22,427
  • Monthly Visits: 9,532
  • Growing: 170.66%
  • Visitor: 30.57% Canada

About: bienvenue sur silver equipement, le spécialiste du tennis de table en france. du loisir à la compétition, tout l’équipement au meilleur prix.

  • Sport Rank: #32,993
  • Monthly Visits: 7,089
  • Growing: -16.74%
  • Visitor: 90.62% France

North America

Here is the list of top table tennis shop in North America. You can find the table tennis equipment, accessories, paddle, rackets, balls, robot and more in these online ping pong store.


United States

In the US, maybe, the 2 most popular retailers table tennis shops are Megaspin and Paddlepalace.

  • Megaspin: The Megaspin table tennis store proposes a large variety of products for sale.

They are well-known for their customer service.  Megaspin delivers really fast if you are in the US. They are a reliable table tennis shop. You won’t go wrong when buying the product on this well-known retailer in the table tennis community.

  • Paddle Palace: Paddle Palace is also a credible store, one of the best ping pong supplies. They are well known for the friendly staff and high-quality paddles.

Others shop in the US



  • PingPongDepot: In Canada, people often buy table tennis equipment (paddle, rubber, robot, clothing, etc) on Ping Pong Depot, located in Laval, Quebec.

South America

Here is the list of table tennis store in South America.



Well, if you live in Europe, you are so lucky! You have so many options, and most of the shops are rather reputable suppliers. They are a legitimate place to buy table tennis equipment, reliable and trustworthy brand.



As I live in France, so I know rather well about the good and the bad shops in this “Hexagon country”. Here is the list of the most famous, and highly regarded, best table tennis shops in France.

  • Wack Sport is the most famous and the biggest table tennis suppliers in France. Official partner with FFTT (French Federation Table Tennis). You won’t go wrong when choosing to buy on Wack Sport.
  • Mister Ping has also a good reputation. They imported Chinese DHS products. And normally, the patch quality is consistent. Now they have opened some local shop in several cities in France.
  • PingPassion (Paris) with their reduction for the forum members. You can get these reductions code on the tennis-de-table forum.
  • Silver equipment is also good. They normally have the cheapest shipping cost. When I want to buy several rubbers, I prefer to go to Silver Equipment to buy.
  • This is the branch of TT11 (table tennis 11) in Paris. A good shop and nice patron. The main shop ( won’t ship to France. If you live in France, you should go to
TT11 shop in Paris
TT11 shop in Paris


United Kingdom

Trustworthy online shop in the United Kingdom:



Table tennis shop in Germany

  • Contra
  • Schoeler-micke shop
  • Spin Factory would be the most famous one in Germany. Located in Cologne, this table tennis shop has nearly 20 years of experience in the table tennis business. This online shop has excellent contacts in nearly every area of the worldwide table tennis market, especially to Asia. That’s why SpinFactory can offer a very wide range of products in the field of rubbers and blades, e.g. Sanwei, Mizuno, Nittaku or Xiom.
    • Ships to Worldwide.
    • Contact
    • E-mail
    • Phone +49/221/2726478-0





Here is the list of table tennis shops in Belgium.

  • Dandoy: Dandoy sports is a retailer of table tennis equipment from the leading table tennis brands.
    • Free shipping on orders above €70
    • DHL Express 3-5 days worldwide shipping
    • Large Quantity Discounts
    • Famous rubbers and blades available
    • Official distributor for the major worldwide brands: Stiga, Donic, Tibhar, Yasaka, Andro, Xiom, Neubauer, TSP, Victas…
    • 35 years of experience
    • 2000 m2 storage located in the middle of Europe
    • Great customer service
    • Real-time stock
    • Secure payment

Contact Dandoy-Sports
Phone +3283230526




Another EU countries

If your country is not here, find the full list of online shops in the EU here.

Worldwide Shop

  • Table Tennis 11: Located in Estonia, but TT11 is becoming highly reputable online shops for table tennis players. They can ship worldwide. I also recommend this shop! Their staff is amazing! I’ve worked with them to give free table tennis material for my audience.
    • I really like the shipping and the support staff. If you have any problem with the shipping or the product’s defect, the staff will definitely help you to solve.
    • Free Worldwide Shipping for Orders Over €80
      You’ll receive your equipment in most parts of the world in just 3-5 business days using the DHL Express shipping method. Standard shipping usually takes between 7-14 business days and is FREE for orders over €80.
    • Great Discounts
      There are 3 different types of discounts:

        • Volume discounts: save up to 25% on rubbers, blades, rackets, and clothing! The higher your order value, the bigger your discount.
        • Weekly specials: every week, up to 60 randomly selected products are discounted by 20-25%.
        • Exclusive discounts: additional secret discounts, available only to our newsletter subscribers.
    • Guarantee and Service
    • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
      Your order comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, you’re entitled to a full refund within 30 days of receiving your package as long as the product is in its original, unused condition. This policy does not apply to custom or specialty items (e.g. assembled blades) and for items bought from the Clearance category.
    • Free, High-Quality Racket Assembly Service
      TT11 experts can assemble any rubber and blade combination you purchase, free of charge!
    • Authentic, High-Quality Products
      They buy products directly from the manufacturers, never from third-party distributors. TT11 sell authentic, high-quality products.
    • Contact TABLETENNIS11.COM
      Phone +372 3223587


  • Butterfly Online Store (35+ European countries): You can choose on more than 35 Online Store of Butterfly all over Europe. Butterfly shop is legitimate! Many high-quality products are here! The price is a little bit high! But if money is not concerned, just go for it for the best and official products!


Here are the lists of some table tennis shops in Asia. If you know another great shop, please submit your favorite shop (above) so I will add to this list. Or find a shop that can ship the products worldwide.


  • Shanghai sport: This shop has many brands to choose such as Stiga, Tibhar, Xiom, DHS, Yinhe and nittaku with the very good price depends on the discount in each month. Last month I got nittaku Hammond new version for 18 USD and DHS skyline 2 neo for 15.5 USD! Did I mention that it’s very easy to go to by using BTS to the terminal station Bangwa.
    • Shop address
      2 4,6,8 Phet Kasem 25/2 Alley, Lane 4, Khwaeng Pak Khlong Phasi Charoen, Khet Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10160


Tongce Sports Shop in Shanghai
Tongce Sports Shop in Shanghai


Hong Kong






Credible table tennis distributors in Australia.

In Australia, there is 3 most well-known table tennis shop. I recommend you check and buy the products from OOAK TT Shop of Alex. Here is the full list:

South Africa

Official brands on Amazon

Most of the official table tennis brands offer to ship worldwide. Here is the list of the official manufacturers on the Amazon. So if you really want to buy the equipment and get fast shipping worldwide, go to the Amazon official store of these brands.

Another place to buy table tennis equipment and accessories is the online marketplace. Most official table tennis brands (like Butterfly, Stiga, Xiom, Tibhar, Cornilleau, etc) all have their shops on Amazon US and eBay US.

Here is the list of their official shop, so you can select the product and quickly order.

Buying on these marketplaces is so convenient (fast, +1 day shipping, and guaranteed).

You can also buy the rackets, clothing, accessories, ball, rubbers, anything related to table tennis, based on your locations and your mother language: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA |Amazon DE | Amazon FR | Amazon IT (Italia) | Amazon ES (Espana).

So it depends on your location. You can order from your country table tennis shop.

Advantages of the local shop: use your native language, better support may be.

Advantages of the Online shop: faster shipping, cash back guaranteed, and the vast variety of equipment model to select.

Or you can go to Worldwide and EU shop. The fastest and safest way, I think is, you can go to Amazon, eBay to order. You can also read the review and the feedback! So the chance that you buy a bad product is minimized.

Or if your country doesn’t have a big table tennis shop, just go for Amazon, or eBay to buy your equipment. Many famous table tennis brands now sell their best products on Amazon and eBay.

If you want to buy custom merchandise, designed by Artist for table tennis players, go for PingSunday Shop!

Drinking Water is Important for your games
Some water bottles with the table tennis coaching tips on EmRatThich’s shop
Men's Zip-up Hoodies
Men’s Zip-up Hoodies (EmRatThich Shop)

Submit your favorite shop

If your favorite shop is not shown here, you can recommend it using this form.


If you know of other table tennis shops, please email us and we will add to the list.


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Thank you coach. Very nice list of good shopping. What is the most popular shop right now?

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