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How To Protect Your Ranking If You Are Injured

ITTF has changed the new ranking system, which excludes the old ranking points and considers only the recent results. Although the new ranking has many flaws, world table tennis ranking is very important to a player. The official ranking system could decide the position, the seeding, and the national selection of a player. Did you know that? You can “freeze” your ranking!

Furthermore, ITTF can delete your ranking on the official ranking of ITTF.

ITTF has cited:

“Players who do not have any recorded international results (ITTF Events, ITTF Recognized Events or ITTF Approved Events) for more than twelve (12) months are excluded from the published ranking lists.

That’s why today, I will explain you, how to protect your table tennis ranking.

How to protect your table tennis ranking

For the top national, or international ranked table tennis player, these new rules are very important:

Injured, sick or pregnant

If you are physically injured, sick or pregnant and does not compete in any table tennis event for a period of twelve (12) months or longer, you can protect your rankings by doing this:

  • Download and fill the “request seeding protection form“. Precise the reason (Injury, Pregnancy or Sickness)
  • You must submit the request for special seeding within six (6) months after your last ITTF competition.
  • Provide an official medical certificate.
  • Send the Form to Zoltan BENCSIK, Results & Ranking Manager (zbencsik@ittf.com)

Expiration of seeding protection

However, if you have eighteen (18) months from the time that the injury occurred to activate your protected Ranking. And you don’t compete in any table tennis event, excluding non-ITTF events, for a period of eighteen (18) months from the date of his/her injury will have his/her Special Ranking protection revoked.

Re-injury Protection

The national association of a player who has returned to competition and re-injures himself/herself may petition for a freeze of the six (6) or nine (9) month limit for competing using his/her protected ranking.

  • To be eligible for the “freeze” the player must be out of competition for a minimum of three (3) months.
  • Upon the player’s return to competition, he/she shall have the same number of events and weeks remaining as were available when the freeze went into effect.
  • A maximum of two (2) “freezes” are allowed during the six (6) or nine (9) month period.
With the new ball, re-injury is a common problem for top table tennis players
With the new ball, re-injury is a common problem for top table tennis players

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