How to Improve the Power of the backhand like a pro

Powerful Backhand Attack Like Jon Persson

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Today, let’s learn how to have a powerful backhand attack like a pro. If you have chosen the right backhand rubber, then you should learn the best backhand technique to attack in table tennis. Backhand is very important nowadays. We focus on the powerful backhand topspin with Jon Persson.

Backhand mechanism vs forehand mechanism

Many players don’t know how to attack strongly by using the backhand. The mechanism of the backhand stroke is different than the forehand technique.

I have explained the powerful forehand topspin with the Chinese technique. For the forehand, you can rotate your whole body, and then have a stronger force. While for the backhand, you hit the ball in front of your body. So it’s not easy to generate a lot of force with the backhand. Does the power come from the wrist? the elbow? or the shoulder? Let’s learn from Jon Persson (Swedish Pro players, actually play in Pro A in France).

The mechanism of the powerful backhand stroke

Let learn how to generate a powerful backhand attack. Here are 3 steps of the powerful backhand attack.

Step 1 – Drop the shoulder and racket down

The first step, you should “drop” your racket down. Drop your shoulder very low. Many players just stand high, and forget to do this important step. That’s why they can’t generate enough force. You should also close your racket, and fold your wrist.

Step 1 - Drop your racket down
Step 1 – Drop your racket down

Step 2 – Use the elbow to generate force

The main force comes from your shoulder and your elbow. After folding your elbow, dropping your shoulder and your racket, now you will generate a lot of force. Hit forward! Don’t hit upward! Release the elbow and hit forward. Many players just try to hit upward, this will reduce the power and the consistency of your shots.

Step 2 - Fold and release the force by using the elbow
Step 2 – Fold and release the force by using the elbow

Step 3 – Release the power by using the wrist

And finally, at the moment of contact, you should use your wrist. Release all of the power generated at this moment. Power is from the solid foundation from the ground, transferred to the whole body, to the shoulder, to the elbow, and then using the wrist to “accelerate” into the ball. Keep your wrist straight at the last moment.

Step 3 - Hit forward by using the wrist
Step 3 – Hit forward by using the wrist

Now let’s see the real speed of this backhand.


Remember to practice the correct technique every day, one day you will have the same powerful backhand.

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2 years ago

Hello coach emratthich. I like your videos really much. But i dont now what you mean about center of gravity Can you Please answerd my question

2 years ago

Calderanos backhand is more powerfull

2 years ago

Thank you now i understand.
Bot how to keep the thumb in the forehand stroke. I learn a lot from you

Lars Jorgensen
Lars Jorgensen
1 year ago

Hello EmRatthich, I actually think that Persson also uses his left side hip to generate force from the ground here.

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