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Playing style between male and female players

Who will win? If the top male Chinese players (team A) play versus the top female players? This is an interesting question that some players asked me.

“The difference of the playing style between male and female players”.

Today, I will answer this question “top female players versus top male players”. Who is stronger?

Difference between men and women players

It’s just the way men and women have different physical strengths.

Women vs Men players - Who is stronger?

Watch this video.

Men players

Men players prefer to use more strength and power away from the table because they have more muscle mass. By standing a little further away from the table and using the legs, the body, men players can hit the ball very hard. Men can generate a powerful attack.

men playing style
men playing style

Women players

Women, on the other hand, have weaker physical strengths. So they need to play closer to the table than male players. Female players mostly play counter-attack and use speed to win. Women players borrow the opponent’s speed, they can’t generate as much force as men.

women playing style
women playing style

China Men Team vs China Women Team

Female team can not compete with the male team due to physical strength gap
Female team can not compete with the male team due to physical strength gap

Coach Liu has confirmed that

“The women team (team A) has no chance versus the men team (team A). The women team can compete with the men second team (team B), or with the Youth Team. The difference in power between female and male players is huge.”

Ma Long is the MVP player. He won all of his match versus female players.

fan zhendong vs chen meng
fan zhendong vs chen meng
ma long vs ding ning
ma long vs Ding Ning
ma long vs liu shiwen
ma long vs Liu Shiwen
xu xin vs liu shiwen
Xu Xin vs Liu Shiwen

Robert Gardos also played because China Team was training in Austria.

Even with the handicap points. According to the level difference between the male and female players, the male players give the female players to score 1-3 points ahead (handicap points).

In the end, the Men Teams narrowly beat the women’s team 41-40.

So what is your opinion?
Will Ma Long win Chen Meng, if the game starts at 5-0 for Chen Meng?

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