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Patrick Franziska equipment and playing style

Patrick Franziska is a German table tennis player. In 2016 he became the European champion in doubles, in 2019 he won bronze and gold in the mixed world championships at the European games. In 2021 he won the ranking tournament Europe Top 16.

Patrick Franziska Biography

  • Name: Patrick Franziska
  • Nationality: Germany
  • Date of Birth: 06/11/1992
  • Grip: Shakehand
  • Plays: Right
  • Playing Style: Attack

Professional teams:

1998–2005 Deutschland TSV 1875 Höchst
2005–2007 Deutschland SV Mörlenbach
2007–2009 Deutschland TTC 1947 Elz
2009–2012 Deutschland TG Hanau
2012–2014 Deutschland TTC Fulda-Maberzell
2014–2016 Deutschland Borussia Düsseldorf
2016– Now Deutschland 1. FC Saarbrücken

Patrick Franziska, a table tennis player for the German national team, is 29 years old in 2021.

Patrick Franziska’s equipment

Patrik Franziska is a Butterfly sponsored athlete. With the Franziska Innerforce ZLC Blade, he employs Tenergy 05 and Dignics 05.



Blade: Franziska Innerforce ZLC Blade (check price 1/ check price 2)

Forehand: Dignics 05 (check price 1/ check price 2)

Backhand: Dignics 05

His equipment is confirmed by Butterfly.

Dignics 05 - best backhand rubber
Dignics 05 – best backhand rubber



Watch this video.



Prior to Patrick’s creation of his own blade, he had been using Timo Boll ALCs. On Instagram, he expressed his gratitude for the release of his blade. As of July 2021, it’s been available for purchase, so it’s still relatively new!

Franziska’s personal style is reflected in the design of this release, which is identical to Butterfly’s regular Innerforce ZLC Blade.

Patrick Franziska’s Achievements

There are 99 different accomplishments that Franziska can point to in his professional career thus far. He’s currently ranked 17th in the world, but he’s climbed as high as 13 back in November of last year.

The 2009 Polish Junior Open, 2009 Tunisian Junior Open, and the 2010 European Youth Championships were all gold medal events for him as a cadet and junior.

It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t won a singles gold medal in a major event since reaching the men’s age group. In the doubles and team events, he has won eight gold medals with the help of world-class players like Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, and Petrissa Solja.

European Games, European Championships, and World Champion are his achievements in these three categories.

2020 Olympics – Men’s Team Silver Medalist
2019 World Championships – Mixed Doubles Bronze Medalist
2018 European Championships – Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles & Mixed Doubles Bronze Medalist
2018 World Championships – Team Silver Medalist
2015 German Open – Men’s Doubles Gold Medalist
2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships – Men’s Team Silver Medalist
2013 German Open – Men’s Doubles Gold Medalist
2012 Koltsovo Russia Open – U-21 Men’s Singles Gold Medalist
2010 European Youth Championships – Junior Boys Singles Gold Medalist
2010 Spanish Junior & Cadet Open – Junior Boys Singles Silver Medalist

He can beat the top Chinese player

Patrick wouldn’t beat a top Chinese player until July of 2019 despite his well-publicized success. Such is the extent of China’s hegemony. They are, without a doubt, the world’s best table tennis team.

Fan Zhendong vs Patrick Franziska | 2019 ITTF Australian Open Highlights (R16)

Watch this video.


Franziska basically outgunned Fan Zhendong on the backhand! It’s an amazing match!


In the World Tour Platinum Australian Open, he defeated Fan Zhendong and came away with the victory. It was a huge disappointment because Fan is one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. In the wake of a slew of defeats, Patrick mounted an incredible comeback. Finally, I’ve beaten a top Chinese player!” he exulted after the victory. I can’t even begin to express how stunned I am by this. It was one of my best performances, but the tournament is far from over.”

After trailing 3-1 to Mattias Falck, he uttered these wise words, as he once again had to battle back. In the semi-finals, he defeated Xu Xin in a nail-biting five-set match. Despite the tightness of the match, Patrick was unable to capitalize on a match point in the fifth set.

Teammate of Timo Boll

It is hoped that his victory over Fan will give him more confidence going forward in competitions of this nature. Timo Boll, Patrick’s close teammate and Timo’s mentor, explained to Patrick how he has been able to overcome the mental barrier of the Chinese. If this is correct, Patrick has a promising future.

Franziska is often overlooked for singles because of the intense competition for international events. This is the case due to the restrictive nature of certain competition rules. For singles, for example, there is a limit of two players from each country in the Olympics. Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov are two of Germany’s strongest frontrunners, making Franziska a little unlucky.

However, despite Boll saying he has no immediate plans to retire, one has to wonder how long he can keep going. He has reached the age of 40. Vladimir Samsonov, another legend of the sport, recently announced his retirement at the age of 45. He is known for his all-around style, though. Using blocks at a much higher rate than the average professional. This has undoubtedly helped him extend his playing career, as he requires far less movement.

Boll may not be able to match Samsonov’s 45 percent realistically. However, he will still be around for a few more years. Ovtcharov is likely to assume the position of Germany’s top table tennis player, allowing Franziska to rise to number two. There are more singles events that Franziska will be able to enter, which could lead to more medals.

Patrick Franziska childhood

When Patrick was just six years old, he began playing table tennis. It wasn’t just table tennis that he was passionate about. Patrick participated in gymnastics from 1994 to 1998 and in football on a regular basis from 1997 to 2004.

A sports club in Odenwald, Germany, introduced Patrick to table tennis in 1998 and he hasn’t looked back. He quickly came to the conclusion that this was his life’s work. And he had good fortune on his side. He met a slew of impressive individuals. Both Slobodan’s wife Elisabeth and his father Wolfgang Boll were among the guests.

Kalinikos Kreanga was Patrick’s favorite player when he was a kid. Kreanga had a ferociously offensive style that was a joy to observe. However, Timo Boll, who played for the same club as him, became one of his many idols. Franziska and Timo became close friends while playing for their respective countries’ national teams.

Patrick made the state team in 2000 just a few months later. He was invited to the German Table Tennis Federation just two years later. With the help of the new coaching staff, he was able to improve his skills. In addition, he was blessed with loving parents. Every day, they drove him to train, which took about two hours total.

Patrick, who was 13 at the time, competed in the Oberliga from 2005 to 2007. As a result of this, he gained a ton of expertise. Later, he played in the Regional League from 2007 to 2009 after changing teams from SV Mörlenbach to TTC Elz.

Before settling on Borussia Düsseldorf, Patrick played for a further three clubs. After a string of injuries, he decided to ditch his previous weightlifting routine in favor of a more bodyweight-focused one. For the first time since moving to Düsseldorf, his training schedule is more flexible, which he enjoys.

Instead of training harder, he chose to train smarter, which meant lowering his training volume. He arrives 30 minutes early to warm up and stays until everyone else has gone home. However, when he’s on the table, he’s all in. He will end a session if he begins to feel his abilities waning. It wasn’t the first time he’d kept training even when his performance dipped. However, this would leave him exhausted the next day, which would impede training.

The young Franziska admits that he doubted his own abilities and was a bitter loser who threw his bat and wept after losses. When he lost, he didn’t like to watch the games he had played. However, his mental toughness grew, and he began to see the value in defeat, learning from his losses and using them to improve. He has been working with a mental coach for some time now, as is the case with many of the world’s best athletes.

To maintain a healthy outlook, Franziska knows he must take time away from the dining table. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family and participating in fun activities. In his spare time, despite his passion for the game, he tries to avoid engaging in “table tennis talk,” comparing it to how most people avoid talking about work after a long day.

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