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Par Gerell’s Serving Tricky Tips

Do you want to win easy points with your tricky serve? If yes, here are the 6 weeks training programs (with 16 short coaching videos) provided by the World Class player Par Gerell. He has a unique tricky serve “hook serve” loaded with a lot of spins.

Par Gerell (born 23 June 1982) is a Swedish professional table tennis player. He is a left-hand player. And he is very famous for his tricky serve. With a similar gesture, his serve is loaded with a lot of backspin or topspin. It’s very hard to read his serve. He is playing in Pro A in France for the club Chartres ASTT since 2010. If you want to have a new tricky serve, here are some serving lessons provided by Par Gerell.

Par Gerell tricky "hook" serve
Par Gerell tricky “hook” serve

Is Par Gerell’s serve illegal?

It’s at the borderline. But after watching his match in the pro-A, it’s not illegal in my opinion. He shows the contact point. But sometimes he throws the ball too close to the body, and it’s very tricky to read the contact point. His serve is very effective, even at the professional level. Par Gerell won a lot of easy points with his tricky serve.

Practicing Par Gerell tricky serve
Practicing Par Gerell tricky serve

Per Gerell serve is a “hook serve”. It’s very tricky because he accelerates at the last moment. Moving up his wrist to create a lot of topspin, or without moving up to create short sidespin serve with a lot of backspin.

Here are some serving rules that you should know. And here are some examples of illegal serves in table tennis.

In the Olympics, Par Gerell has a fun test with Liu Guoliang.



Par Gerell has confirmed by himself on TTD that,

Some people have asked me how many serve Liu Guoliang returned. I think he took one or two of my six serves but I had some problems with his as well

Even the head coach Liu Guoliang (the master of hidden serve) can’t read the contact point correctly. It’s very impressive. His service stroke has a very unique motion that makes it difficult for his opponent to read what spin is on the ball.

Changing the grip is important to create spinny serve
Changing the grip is important to create spinny serve

He keeps the contact position very near his body, some umpire may claim (illegally) behind the body.

In terms of deceptions, he has several pre- and post-contact motions that mask the contact of the ball. The service has a strong side-spin component.

Contact Point is very close to the body
Contact Point is very close to the body


Here is an example of how tricky Par Gerell “hook serve”. There are “hook serve”, “ghost serve”, pendulum serve, reverse pendulum serve, and bomb serve.


Par Gerell's Serves vs TableTennisDaily's Dan!

Watch video above ☝.


Learn Par Gerell “tricky hook” serve

Par Gerell has worked with Dan (TTDAcademy) to explain the tips in a series of videos. Par Gerell showing his famous kicker/shovel serve which causes trouble for a lot of professional players. You can watch the full tutorial of Par Gerell here.

Par Gerell Serving Masterclass
Par Gerell Serving Masterclass (more info)

TTD Academy has just released a new serving master class video series, with Swedish international player Par Gerell! Par is widely thought of as one of the best servers in the world and has the highest world ranking of 27, he has also been a part of the Swedish national team for many years.

Par often wins a huge amount of points outright on his serve, even against many of the world’s top players, which highlights how effective they are. The importance of the service in table tennis cannot be understated, it is the only time during the sport where you have total control of the ball.

Par’s knowledge and skills can take your game serving game to the next level!

Hook Serve Tips by Par Gerell
Hook Serve Tips by Par Gerell (Start Now)

This video series is broken down into sections to make it simple and easy to learn.

Advantages of Par Gerell’s serve

Par demonstrates and discusses how to learn and develop his serves that have been a massive part of his game and success over a long career. You’ll see serves broken down clearly with slow-motion sections and detailed explanations of the coaching points and secrets that Par uses to create incredible spin and disguise.

The secrets that Par uses to create incredible spin and disguise
The secrets that Par uses to create incredible spin and disguise

TTD looks at the mechanics of the serve, how to produce more spin, but most importantly how to disguise your serves and create deception. Par talks through and demonstrates in detail all the technical elements, skills, and knowledge you need to learn deadly serves.

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