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One of the greatest comebacks in table tennis

One of the greatest comebacks in table tennis.

Timo Boll said, “I can’t believe it”.

In sports, a “comeback” is when an athlete or sports team overcomes a big deficit in points or position. It is the most amazing moment of competition that best captures the spirit of what makes sport so special.

A comeback by one competitor may coincide with or be seen as a “choke” by the opponent who let the comeback happen.

01 Michael Maze comeback

As of now, the biggest comeback in table tennis is thought to be Michael Maze’s win over Hao Shuai at the 2005 World Championship in Shanghai. Michael Maze came back from being down 0:3 and 7:10 in the fourth set, meaning the Chinese had 3 match points. But by playing the high lobbing ball, Hao Shuai was choking and lost the game.

Michael Maze Vs Hao Shuai - Best Table Tennis Comeback EVER

Watch this video.


02 Timo Boll comeback

The second best comeback in table tennis could be for Timo Boll. This is one of the greatest comebacks in table tennis. Lin Gaoyuan is a professional table tennis player for China Team. Even though he is well-known for his mental weakness, Timo Boll has made one of the greatest comebacks in table tennis.

Timo Boll come back - I can't believe it
Timo Boll come back – I can’t believe it

In the quarterfinals of the Liebherr Men’s World Cup in Belgium, when the German player Timo Boll played against the Chinese player Lin Gaoyuan.

Lin Gaoyuan looked a little lost, and then he lost the next point. Liu Guozheng, the coach of the Chinese national team, asked for a “time out.” The break didn’t work, so Timo Boll evened the score at 10:10, and when he was down 10-11, he hit another match point. In fact, it was the seventh time he had to save a match point. With a 12-11 lead in the sixth set, Lin Gaoyuan already had a great chance to win the match.

Focused, Timo Boll tied it again at 11:11 and then won the next two points to get one of the most exciting wins of his more than 20-year international career. Timo Boll won the match in seven sets (5-11, 11-13, 11-9, 9-11, 11-9, 14-12, 13-11). This is one of the most amazing comebacks in Men’s World Cup history.

Watch this video:

One of the best comebacks in table tennis

Watch this video.


Timo Boll said, “It was a crazy match, but I had to fight until the end because this is my home. I just felt like I had to fight in this great arena where the fans are very supportive, and I’m lucky too. I think I’ll spend the next 20 minutes enjoying this win.”

03 Never give up

So, never give up on table tennis. It’s not yet finished, even when you are down 1-10. Don’t give up! You keep fighting until you win.

Timo Boll versus Lin Gaoyuan
Timo Boll versus Lin Gaoyuan

“The will to prepare to win is much more important than the will to win.”

In sports, never giving up is the most important thing. The person’s determination is the main thing that leads to his or her success.

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