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Here is the list of the most well-known table tennis manufacturers and suppliers that you should know. You can be confident to buy high quality and authentic products from these ITTF authorized brands. There are also many trusted and credible distributors and shop, which distribute the table tennis equipment of these brands around the globe.

Best table tennis brands and official authority websites

There are 3 most well-known table tennis companies:

  • Tamasu (株式会社タマス) with the brand name Butterfly Table Tennis
  • DHS Double Happiness
  • and Stiga Table Tennis

If you mean the biggest is the size of the company, so Stiga is the biggest company. In term of popularity at the pro-level, Butterfly products are the most famous.

1. Stiga Table Tennis

There are so many branches in Stiga Sport.

The brand Stiga is today used by the Swedish company Stiga Sports for the production of sports products, including table tennis, snow riders, and table hockey. The brand Stiga started the production of table tennis products in 1938 and the production of hockey games in 1944. Bengt Bandstigen founded the table tennis company BANDA in 1966, which later became STIGA Sports AB. In 1983 the company has begun to sell STIGA table tennis products and year 2006 it acquired the STIGA Games division to the company.

  • 1934 March 6, 1934, Stig Hjelmquist founded in Tranås the company Firma Fabriksprodukter, that will later become Stiga.
  • 1938 Production of the first articles that would make Stiga world famous: the table tennis products.
  • 1938 The new company name Stigma, later on, changed to Stiga, was founded.

2. Butterfly Table Tennis

3. DHS Double Happiness


Chinese table tennis brands

Japanese table tennis brands

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Fabio Colombo
Fabio Colombo
2 years ago

You could also list Animus Blades in Italy. www.animusblade.it

Berit Pedersen
Berit Pedersen
2 years ago

Hi, I have a table tennis table from the brand Champion. The board is a Super 9000 XQ, I have measured the board to be 210 millimetre thick. I see that it is not on your list and was wondering if this board will be classified as a good quality board or not

1 year ago

Dhupar Products makes best tt rackets in india. i m always choose this tt.

1 year ago

You could also list Saralis handmade blades from Serbia. www.saralis.rs

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