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No-toss serve is super tricky

In table tennis, you should throw the ball up. It’s the rule. The height of good table tennis serve should be higher than 16 cm.

What happens when you serve without tossing the ball?

In this Houston WTTC 2021, Adam Bobrow has fun with Zhou Qihao. He is testing the famous “no-toss” serve of Zhou Qihao.

serve without tossing the ball
serve without tossing the ball

In order to serve legally in table tennis, the ball must be thrown at least 6 inches into the air (or 16cm). You can’t just strike the ball straight out of your hand, as many novices do when they first start playing. Six inches is about the width of your table tennis racket is an example of how high you should throw the ball up. You must also toss it straight up into the air, nearly vertical.

Ma Long throws the ball in table tennis
Ma Long throws the ball in table tennis

Please show this video to the players who just play the illegal serve. This is not fair. Please follow the rule, no matter whether you are an amateur or professional player.


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