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New colors for table tennis rubbers

New colors for table tennis rubbers are available: Blue, Green, Pink, and Purple. You also have red and black. Recently, there are some changes in table tennis equipment rules. Some players love this change, but others seem doesn’t like it.

The history of the rubber colors in table tennis

The first colour rule change for rackets in the early 80’s was that rackets have two distinct colours (black and red). This meant that you could use an Orange / Red combo which given the speed of strokes not be distinct enough for fairness of play. The rule was then quickly amended to the Red/Black rule most of us have played under.

Back in the 1970,s the players played with the 38mm ball to 21 points with coloured rubbers. We had red, black, green, orange, blue, yellow, purple rubbers in those days.

long pimples rubber
long pimples rubber

It all changed when long pips became popular and mostly defending players used different rubbers with the same colour on their blades. From than off only two colours were allowed. This made it possible to see the difference between the smooth and pimpled side of the blade so you couldn’t be fooled by your opponent when he twiddled his blade underneath the table (at this time it was allowed to keep your blade underneath the table to hide it) before he was going to serve.

Nexus EL Pro is a good rubber
Nexus EL Pro is a good rubber

The chosen colours were red and black. Now we go back to coloured rubbers again but they must have a totally distinctive colour on fore- and backhand. (Black and a colour of your choice ) Always one side of the blade must be black . Not necessarily the forehand side . Combined with an other colour of personal choice.

What rubber colors are allowed in table tennis before 2021?

As you know, since the beginning of table tennis, we use “black” and “red” as the two main colors for a table tennis racket. Nowadays, for the same brand, black rubber, and red rubber share the same playing characteristic. But some players can feel the difference between the black and the red one. There is a reason that the top Chinese players only use black rubber on their forehand side. And you often find the Red Tenergy rubber than the Black one.

Only Red and Black colors for table tennis rackets are allowed before 2021
Only Red and Black colors for table tennis rackets are allowed before 2021

I’ve explained the difference in playing characteristics between the red and the black racket. So today, we will ask a question “Which colors should I choose for my racket”? What is the new rule in table tennis equipment?

Very nice rose combination
Very nice rose combination
Competition level with new colour racket
Competition level with a new color racket


ITTF discussion for the color change

What is the reason that ITTF wants to apply the color change in table tennis equipment?

“The proposition passed can be a lot of colors as long as it’s not a problem with the color compared with the ball and reflection. There are still some restrictions on the color, and those colors have to be approved by the equipment department of ITTF,” said ITTF CEO Steve Dainton.

“There will still be some tight rules on that regarding reflection and brightness. In principle, it will be mainly black plus many other different types of colors. The proposition passed was to do it after the Tokyo Olympics, so there will be no difference for the Tokyo Olympic Games,”

Pink Rubber will be allowed after the Tokyo Olympics
Pink Rubber will be allowed after the Tokyo Olympics

New colors rule for racket after 2021

Here is the new official color rule for racket:

Instead of the current colors of black and red for rubbers, different colors of red can be used on one side, while the other should remain black.

The ITTF has approved 4 new colors of rubber which will be available for use from October 2021.

The 4 new confirmed colors are:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple

The black color remains imposed on one side of the racket (normally on the forehand side) so that people with color blindness can clearly identify the two coatings. This is essential to properly identify the pimple or anti-topspin used by some players.

New Colours for Table Tennis Rackets in 2021 (3)
New Colours for Table Tennis Rackets in 2021 (3)

The Black-Red combination can still be used (black on the forehand side, and red on the backhand side).

4 new colours could be used on the backhand side in table tennis
4 new colors could be used on the backhand side in table tennis


Pink rubber it is like Red rubber
Pink rubber it is like Red rubber
Blue rubber
Blue rubber
Yellow Rubber
Yellow Rubber
Blue racket looks a little bit strange for me
Blue racket looks a little bit strange for me
Green color does not look very professional
The green color does not look very professional

What did the pro say?

England No 1 players Liam Pitchford and Tin-Tin Ho both think they will choose to stick with red and black even when they get the chance to change later this year.

Liam Pitchford with 3700 points
Liam Pitchford with 3700 points

Liam said: “If I had to choose, probably blue, but I think I’ll stick with red and black, to be honest. “I don’t really see the point, but if they think it’s going to make table tennis more appealing, then why not? “I don’t see that many people changing but it’s just another rubber and I’m pretty sure it will play exactly the same.”

Possible Yellow ball in table tennis after the Olympics Tokyo

The visual view of table tennis could undergo big changes after the Tokyo Olympics with the introduction of new colors for racket rubbers, International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) President Thomas Weikert also offered to use yellow balls after the Tokyo Olympics.:

“This is just a resolution because we decide first to test the result with the yellow ball for the TV and the players, so it’s not a decision,” Weikert said.



Yellow racket with yellow handle
Yellow racket with yellow handle
A racket with 2 yellow rubbers
A racket with 2 yellow rubbers

Green table tennis rubbers

Green has been chosen by many top players like Quadri Aruna.

green rubber with Aruna
green rubber with Aruna

There is also the green rubber for the pimple rubber.

The list of available rubbers with different colors

SPECIAL equipment notes for table tennis coaches, athletes, and referees.

According to the ITTF World Table Tennis Federation, the racquets are valid until December 31, 2022. In addition to the traditional two colors BLACK – RED, of the 1667 brands and brands, the ITTF has only granted 37 brands and brands permission to use rubbers with the FOUR NEW COLORS specified below.

Coaches, athletes, and umpires in the competition system should refer to it when choosing to avoid confusion. Merchants and distributors also need to know to avoid importing inappropriate rubbers.

1.Decathlon Pongori TTRB 100 Spin – Pink
2.Der Materialspezialist Kamikaze – Green
3.Der Materialspezialist Firestorm – Green
4.Donic Desto F1 – Pink, orange, purple
5.Joola Dynaryz ACC – Purple
6.Joola Dynaryz AGR – Purple
7.Joola Dynaryz CMD – Purple
8.Joola Rhyzen CMD – Blue
9.Joola Micron – Blue,green
10.Victas Ventus Limber – Pink
11.Victas Ventus Stiff – Pink
12.Victas Ventus Extra – Pink
13.Andro GTT – Blue, Pink
14.Andro Good – Blue, green, pink, purple
15.Andro Hexer Grip – Green
16.Andro Hexer Powergrip – Green
17.Andro Rasanter R48 – Green
18.Blütenkirsche KKT 911 – Green
19.Blütenkirsche EZ 110 – Green
20.Blütenkirsche EZ 119 – Green
21.Blütenkirsche Sakura EZ – Pink, green
22.Blütenkirsche Three Nine Economic Zone – Green
23.Donic Acuda S1 – Blue, Pink
24.Donic Bluestorm Z1 – Blue
25.Donic Bluestorm Z2 – Blue
26.Donic Bluestorm Z3 – Blue
27.Donic Bluestorm Z1 Turbo – Blue
28.Double Happiness / DHS Hurricane 9 – Blue, green, pink, purple
29.Gewo Neoflexx – Green
30.Spinlord Irbis – Blue
31.Spinlord Minotaur – Blue
32.Spinlord Gepard – Blue
33.Stiga Star*** – Blue
34.Stiga Star***** -Blue
35.Tibhar Quantum X – Blue
36.Tibhar Grass D. TecS – Green
37.Victas V > 15 Extra – Blue

My personal opinion about the colors

Different color rubbers – It would be a failure!

It won’t make the sport better, but only the commercial business thing. Do you guys remember “TTX – the new project of ITTF”. And today, no one talks about it. It’s a big failure! And now what?

He said, “Just test it. I don’t know”.

I feel so sad and disappointed. For most table tennis players, there is already a mess of hundreds of hundreds of brands, and rubbers. The community already lost! And now what? Imagine, you have a Tenergy rubber, but with 20 different topsheet colors, and with 5 sponge colors variations. So you will have a thousand of thousand variations. Instead, ITTF should focus more on the quality of the camera, video, streaming, make more free courses to help coaches, and amateur players in the world.

It’s the real “heart” of this sport! It’s the community, the mass! ITTF should focus on the pro-players, increase the prize money, help pro players avoid injury. Avoid these bull shit and unnecessary changes. There are MANY MANY things to improve currently. Focus the financial, the human powers to this, to makes the sport better.

Sorry, but I feel so sad, and really really disappointed! When I watched the ITTF matches, with the view angle very high, I doubt that the viewers can really feel the spin and the speed of the real rallies. It’s like watching two dominos playing ping pong. But when I coach and watch the matches in pro-A in France.

Same players, but different angles, it’s a real pleasure to watch. Hope one day, not too far, players around the world can see this “real table tennis”.

So what is your opinion?

Do you find this change interesting, and necessary in table tennis?

Please comment below.

Quadri Aruna’s favorite colours

Quadri Aruna equipment is green. Aruna plays already with green. I guess because of the flag of Nigeria.

Quadri Aruna - famous with Gewo green rubber
Quadri Aruna – famous with Gewo green rubber

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10 thoughts on “New colors for table tennis rubbers”

  1. My problem with the colors starts with the japanese penholder blades. It’s quite common that we don’t use the backhand side of the blade, however according to the rules if I put a black rubber onto the only site I use, I have to change the color of the NOT USED backhand side to red. It’s a non sense.

  2. I think that as long as the opponent is warned before the match it will be fine but I personally see no reason for change

    • There is no rule saying you have to use red or black on forehand or backhand, it is up to you, your choice of rubbers and playing style. The rubbers are different colour mainly for the opponent know which side is what rubber, and to know when you twiddle (switching side mid game or even mid rally)

  3. I’ll hazard a guess that the majority of “serious” players will see no reason, purpose or necessity for this change. Looks to me like just another revenue-generating exercise.
    By the way, what exactly are supposed to be the advantages of these changes?

  4. So it doesn’t say yelow is allowed in your list (only blue, green, pink, purple) but you show tons of pictures of yellow? Can you clarify. Thanks.

    • The images on this page were poorly put together. To my knowledge, there will be no yellow rubber available. Only the four colors (blue, green, pink, & purple) will be available for ITTF official play. It’s also a safe bet that the official colors given will most likely not be the same hues of the rubber colors on this page. I personally see no need for this rule change. It won’t alter the play of the game. With that being said, I am looking forward to the change. Mostly because I believe that this should have been allowed anyway (as long as you have a black rubber on one side). It’s most likely a tactic to attract attention and sales, and that’s fine with me.

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