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New kind of table tennis serve “flip serve”

Hello, table tennis coaches and players,

Today, let’s talk about the new type of serve: “flip serve”. You throw the ball up, but you serve with the backhand side rubber. This looks a little bit awkward the first time. And this type of table tennis serve has a lot of backspin. Table tennis is fantastic. There are so many different things you can create.

The early flip serve during the 1970s

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In the late 1970s, a few of us used to do a shaking hand grip variation of this. It was usually employed as a surprise option while doing strong spin (and/or rapid) backhand serves to the opponent’s forehand.

Flip serve with backspin
Flip serve with backspin

I was reminded of Ding Ning’s tomahawk backhand serve! It’s really tough to make this serve at all, let alone consistently well enough to be a viable choice. Unless you’re in the top 0.01 percent, it looks cool. I also believe that on the majority of occasions, he does not send the ball high enough to be a legitimate serve, making it appear easier than it is.

Flip serve in table tennis

This uncle is Fan Baozhong, a famous table tennis teacher in Shandong, who created his original table tennis serve. This serve is very deceptive for most foreign players.

New kind of table tennis serve "flip serve"

Watch video above ☝.

This is the new way to create a “fake topspin” serve. Look at the ball, the ball is caught in the backspin phase.

Flip serve with sidespin
Flip serve with sidespin

If you have a flexible wrist and a strong finger, then you should practice this serve. Xu Xin used a similar serve twice in the China Open 2019.

It’s not difficult to distinguish between backspin and topspin. Each spin requires a different racquet angle. Of course, the first time I see the serve, I’m going to lose at least two points.
By pushing close to where the ball bounces in your field, you avoid the problem of the spin that carries the ball to the opponent. In these circumstances, they are frequently so used to the ball not returning that they have no idea how to return it.

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