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Worth Buying The Most Expensive Table Tennis Racket?

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Some players asked me what is the most expensive equipment right now. And is it worth to buy the expensive racket in table tennis? The expensive racket can cost more than a thousand dollars. You will find that the most expensive racket is good but sometimes can ruin your game. So be careful! Expensive doesn’t always mean High Quality in today commercialization.

Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddle

I’ve found that the most expensive paddles right now is the Louis Vuitton Ping Pong Set James ($2 210). The set includes two ping pong paddles, 4 balls, ball holders, and the LV cover crafted. So more than $1000 a paddle! Wow!

Two paddles that costs more than 2 thousand dollars
Two LV paddles that cost more than 2 thousand dollars
  • Dimension: 10.63 x 1.97 x 6.30 inches
  • Wood, Canvas, and Leather
  • Monogram Eclipse
2 LV Ping Pong Paddles
LV Ping Pong Paddles

But I laughed so much when I read the description of LV’s product: “this sporty set includes two professionally designed ping-pong paddles, regulation balls…”.

Are they really the professional ping pong paddle
Real professional ping pong paddle is expensive or over-priced?

I don’t know any professional players who use these “professional ping pong paddles”. And I doubt that any serious table tennis player uses these expensive paddles. So I don’t know who will buy these paddles. A stylist? a model? or a ping pong player?

I doubt that their rubbers and their LV ball are ITTF approved? You should check the LARC list.

Maybe, people still confuse that ping pong and table tennis are the same. No, it’s no longer true. Table tennis is not similar to ping pong anymore. So if someones say a ping pong paddle, is it the same as table tennis paddle? Be careful to buy a ping pong paddle.

I’ve explained in the previous articles, the professional paddles are combined by a high-quality blade and 2 professional rubbers: one for the forehand, and one for the backhand.

There is no such thing like “the best paddle in the world”. The best racket is the one that fits your style. Ask your coach for that. Don’t waste your money if you don’t know what you are using.

Liu Guoliang There is no best paddle in the World. The best paddle is the one that fit your style the best. (2)
Liu Guoliang There is no best paddle in the World. The best paddle is the one that fit your style the best

Choosing the right equipment is very important. It’s not only the question of money, but it’s also the question of techniques and utility of the equipment. Some players can play very well with only under $40 racket. Some claims play better with professional combinations. Read below for the real most expensive racket that pro players prefer in table tennis. Not the most expensive paddle but no one use.

Most Expensive Table Tennis Racket

Professional players prefer high-quality equipment. They search for a solid, high-quality blade. They combine it with 2 professional rubbers for the backhand side and the forehand side.

Most expensive blade

Until now, the most expensive blade in table tennis should be the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC ($439.99 at Megaspin/ official price from Butterfly AZ store). This blade is used by many pro players. Very solid, fast and powerful blade. One of the best blade in the top 10 popular blades in table tennis. This blade is one of the bestseller blades right now.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super Zlc-FL Blade with Flared Handle - The most expensive table tennis blade (check price)
Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC-FL Blade with Flared Handle – The most expensive table tennis blade (check price)

Here is the review of Dan (TTD) about this professional blade:



You have also the Jun Mitzutani Super ZLC. What is the difference between these two versions “Super ZLC”?



Most expensive rubber

The most expensive rubber, in my opinion, is the Butterfly Dignics 05 ($104.99/ official price). This is the latest released rubber of Butterfly. It is recommended for the player who seeks to generate a high level attacking play imparting powerful topspin. An upgraded version of the famous Tenergy 05 rubbers.

Official Butterfly Dignics 05
Official Butterfly Dignics 05 (more info)

Here is the review of Dan (TTD) of this new rubber. Would you replace your Ten05 with the new Dignics 05?



Most expensive racket

So if you have enough money. And you are a very serious table tennis player, you want to buy the most expensive racket in the world. Here you are! I have a solution for you. The most expensive racket is: Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC combined with a Dignics 05 Black on the forehand side and another Dignics 05 Red on the backhand side. The total price of this racket is: $439.99 + $104.99 + $104.99 = $649.97. Still much cheaper than the Louis Vuitton “paddles” 🙂

There is another option is the expensive preassembled Proline racket of Butterfly. Here are the 2 most expensive prolines rackets from Butterfly. The highest price one is the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Proline with Bryce High Speed or Tenergy 64 rubbers: $559.99. The less expensive Proline setup is with the Zhang Jike ZLC blade.

Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Proline Bryce High Speed
Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC Proline Bryce High Speed (more info)
Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Proline Tenergy 64
Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC Flared handle Proline with Tenergy 64 2.1mm Red and Black Rubbers (more info)

Should You Buy Expensive Racket?

These rackets are expensive. They could be considered the most expensive equipment (including paddle, racket, and rubber) in table tennis. They are used by advanced players.

If you are learning this sport, these rackets are not for you. You have other options, cheaper, slower, more control which are better for beginners, intermediate players.

Expensive doesn’t always mean “the best”. You should understand why you should use it by learning of the blade’s composition and playing characteristics. Use the search function on pingsunday to learn all of these.

Why these rackets are so expensive?

These rackets are so expensive because it comes from Butterfly – one of the most popular manufacturers in table tennis. Butterfly products are preferred by many pro players. For its quality, consistent. Pro players want the powerful shots, loaded with spin and speed. Butterfly products provide these qualities. So the price is higher compared to another brand.

Butterfly table tennis products are high-quality and trusted by many pro players
Butterfly table tennis products are high-quality and trusted by many pro players

Is it worth using too expensive bat

Yes! The expensive racket is often good. But if only you have the foundation skills in table tennis. Choosing too expensive racket when you are learning table tennis is not only a waste of money, but it can ruin your game.

Sometimes you can just play better with the cheaper racket.

Because these rackets fit better your style. Remember this, you are yourself. You are not Timo Boll. You are not Ma Long. I’ve explained that there is no shortcut in table tennis. You must find your own way.

Don’t hope that buying any expensive equipment could help you play better just because it’s expensive. No!

You will play better because you improve your technique. And you should upgrade your equipment that fits these improvements.

For example, Tomokazu has improved very fast. That’s the main reason that he upgraded to a faster blade. He trained 8h every day, even at the weekend.

The new blade of Harimoto Tomokazu with the blue handle
The new blade of Harimoto Tomokazu with the blue handle (more info)

So if you have enough money, would you buy this rubber? Please comment below and explain why?

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1 year ago

Very useful

1 year ago

Just for history’s sake, the most expensive blade in the world, was Nittaku Resoud, made by a very special wood. Its price was about 2000 to 3000 euro in tabletennis11, but its not available anymore….

1 year ago

There are other racket more expensive than butterfly zjk szlc.

marcos Guglielmetti
marcos Guglielmetti
Reply to  Coach EmRatThich
6 months ago

Dhs w968

marcos Guglielmetti
marcos Guglielmetti
6 months ago

I used stiga allround evolution for learning… Then switched to stiga Infinity and then yinhe v-14. Cheap.

My first expensive is nittaku violín and I love it

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