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Miu Hirano is banned in China

Thursday 05 October 2017 JTTA (Japanese Table Tennis Association) has announced breaking news. Miu Hirano (平野 美宇) is recently banned from playing in China.

“Japanese players will be barred from competing in the Chinese Table Tennis Super League (CTTSL), possibly until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”

It is confirmed on TheJapanTimes.

Miu Hirano has improved too fast

First of all, in the Asian Championship, Miu Hirano has beat three Chinese players (Chen Meng, Zhu Yuling, and the world ranking number 1 Ding Ning).

Miu Hirano has played in the CTTSL. Since then she has improved a lot with the help of the provincial Chinese coach.

This year, the top Japan female player, Kasumi Ishikawa (石川 佳純) will play in the Chinese league for the first time. But unfortunately, the plan must be changed. No foreign table tennis player in the provincial team.

But recently, the CTTSL has decided to forbid the foreign table tennis players to compete in China. They are considered as a threat to Chinese table tennis.

“Three years (before an Olympics) is a bit too early. Japanese players are being targeted as China looks to sweep the medals,” the JTTA official said.

Liu Guoliang once said:

Miu Hirano is made in China. Therefore, no need to worry.

But Liu Guoliang is no longer the head coach of China Team. Many things have been changed due to political reasons.

Why Miu Hirano’s technique suddenly changes

With the help of her personal coach (ex Chinese player), Miu Hirano’s playing style has changed to the aggressive hard counter style. Her forehand technique adapts to the “new trends in table tennis”. With the new ball, the top players now have a split of a second (more time) to react to the ball. As a result, they will hit the ball faster, sooner. Miu Hirano is one of the first who captures this new trend in table tennis.

In addition, Miu Hirano’s tactics work very well. Quick attack and counter-attack to the wide angle. The opponent is therefore under pressure. To initiate the counter-attack playing style, Miu Hirano used more heavy long pushed in her games (which is rare at the high level of table tennis). But it works very well due to the new poly ball.


Miu Hirano techniques slowmotion: New Hope in Table Tennis

Watch this video.


This is one of the big steps that Chinese table tennis prepare for the Olympics Tokyo 2020. It seems like the Chinese sports authority has scared about the Gold performance in the next Olympics.

Probably is it a good plan? Show your opinion!

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