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Beginner’s mistake of forehand topspin technique

Here is the most common mistake of the forehand topspin technique. This mistake is very common. It’s featured in the top 10 mistakes in table tennis.

Mistake of this technique – amateur’s problem

A player has emailed me:


Can you correct my forehand topspin coach? Thank you

I have explained the most important mistakes in table tennis, and how to fix them.

Top 10 Mistakes in Table Tennis

Watch video above ☝.


By watching the video of the player, I have noticed that he has a common mistake for the forehand technique. Here are all of them:

I’ve seen your video several times.

Lack of power

The amateur player has a weak forehand topspin. Their techniques are lack power, not like the pro’s technique.

Ma Long forehand with the full power - generated by rotating the hip
Ma Long forehand with the full power – generated by rotating the hip

Forget the follow-through

Amateur players seem to forget this important step, follow through after hitting the ball.

Mistake of amateur player - forehand topspin technique
Mistake of amateur player – forehand topspin technique

Here are my tips:

– Your forehand topspin is rather good, but not powerful

– You need to hit more forward, don’t hit upward

– Wait a little bit more, wait for the ball near your hip

– Hit forward to generate power

– Your “follow-through” is too shot. You need to continue hit into the ball. Don’t stop like this.

What is a correct forehand topspin technique?

I have explained, “how to do a correct forehand topspin technique“. By watching Wang Hao’s forehand, you will understand the principle of this technique.

Here is my tutorial:


Beginner’s table tennis racket

If you are new to table tennis, you need to choose your racket wisely.

Here is the list of best rackets for beginners.


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