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Mima Ito style – New Hope for Short Pips User

What is the equipment of Mima Ito? Do you know that she is using a short pips rubber on her backhand? And is she the main threat to China Team? The success of Ito Mima also confirmed my observation about the “new trend in table tennis“.

Miu Hirano and Mima Ito are the Japanese balance to the Chinese force in table tennis
Miu Hirano and Mima Ito are the Japanese balance to the Chinese force in table tennis

Mima Ito = New Trend in Table Tennis

Last week, in the Swedish Open 2018, Mima Ito has made a huge shock to China Team. She has beaten all the main players: Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning, and Zhu Yuling. She advanced from the quarter-final and won the women single title.

This has happened before!

Miu Hirano also made a miracle by beating all the top Chinese players. She became the youngest athlete to win the Asian Championship. So what is the secret? It is confirmed as the “new trend in table tennis” in women playing style. In man, we have the youngster Harimoto Tomokazu.

Mima Ito is learning the tactics before the match
Mima Ito is learning the tactics before the match

Mima Ito’s playing style

Her playing style takes advantage of the new ball – Use speed to win. With the short pips, Mima Ito quick attack to the wide angle! Use speed and attack on the bounce (like a Machine)! Mima Ito puts the huge pressure on the top Chinese players (which are ranked higher).

Let’s see her performance, and you will understand quickly the new trend:

Quick forehand attack on the bounce

Mima Ito is like Miu Hirano. They have trained especially their forehand techniques. They adapt to the new ball. With the new ball (less spin, bounce higher), Mima Ito main advantage is “quick counter-attack” on the bounce. Look at this video, and feel whey Ding Ning has shocked with her attack.


Canon machine backhand close to the table attack

Mima Ito is so smart! Or her coach is a genius!

Mima Ito has used her short pips and combined with the advantage of the new ball. On the backhand side, she attacks all of the balls on the bounce. And it’s like a Machine Gun! So fast! And to the wide angle!

It’s the explosiveness! It’s so unpredictable!, confirmed by coach Li Sun

This playing style has put the huge pressure on the opponent. Be fast enough, or you will be destroyed by the speed. This tactic has forced Zhu Yuling, Ding Ning to make many unforced errors.


Mima Ito’s equipment

So what’s Mima Ito’s equipment. Is it the same as Miu Hirano’s combo? No, she is using short pips on her backhand. Her style (on the backhand side) is even faster!

She is using Acoustic Carbon ST handle ([easyazon_link keywords=”Nittaku Acoustic carbon” locale=”US” tag=”ert06-20″]check price[/easyazon_link]/ read reviews/ reviews 2/ order online) as the blade. Her forehand rubber is Hurricane 3 Pro (Turbo) and then changed to Fastarc G-1. Her short pimple on the backhand side is Moristo SP ([easyazon_link keywords=”Nittaku Moristo SP” locale=”US” tag=”ert06-20″]check price[/easyazon_link]/ read reviews/ order online).

Acoustic Carbon ST blade is the personal blade of Mima Ito
Acoustic Carbon ST blade is the personal blade of Mima Ito

The advantage of the short pips on the backhand side is less sensitive to the incoming spin. This combo allows you to “flat hit” on the bounce no matter which type of spin (backhand spin, no spin, or topspin).

Nittaku Moristo SP - One of the best short pips rubber for backhand quick attack style
Nittaku Moristo SP – One of the best short pips rubber for backhand quick attack style

This style opens a new hope to the short pips user around the world. The new trend of table tennis for female players is confirmed 2 times (with Miu Hirano, and Mima Ito).

The new hope for the short pips player.

Mima Ito’s special training

Mima Ito has trained at a very young age (with Miu Hirano). Her mother has given to her a “special training”. Very strict! Each time, her mother gave her a goal for a specific type of training. You know, to become the rival of the Chinese players, you need to train very hard!

Mima Ito at the very young age
Mima Ito at a very young age

Mima Ito has trained to increase the speed and the consistency of the forehand and the backhand counter attack. Her mom is the main motivation that pushes her forward. The Japanese team has learned a lot from the Chinese table tennis.

Mima Ito's mother is her source of motivation and improvement
Mima Ito’s mother is her source of motivation and improvement

They want to train Mima Ito as a “clone” or a Japanese version of the Champion Deng Yaping (who won 18 world championships including 04 Olympic Championships between 1989 and 1997. She is regarded as one of the greatest players in the table tennis history).

Mima Ito is the next Deng Yaping
Mima Ito is the next Deng Yaping

What do you think about this style? Share your comment below. And have you prepared to fit the new trend of table tennis?

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10 thoughts on “Mima Ito style – New Hope for Short Pips User”

  1. This up-tempo style of play leaves little margin for error. Therefore the attacks that are made tend to be at fairly predictable angles. What can players of this style do to inject a little more suprise into their attacks? Going down the line instead of cross-court seems obvious enough, but that increases the short pips attacker’s margin of difficulty especially if the opponent is keeping the ball low and deep.

  2. For me the style played by Ito &Hirano is a
    kamikaze style .They want to hit a spinned ball
    forcing the ball to the table .
    The style is kamikaze becauase there is no way
    back after you flat hitting a ball with your full
    strenght.You can make land the ball on the table but the deadly plane can fall dawn too.


    Ito Mima is now making a lot of boxing drills, punching the hunging boxer’s bag a lot.
    Using boxers drills as physical enhancer is of Russian origin, coach Ferdman Mikhail was the first to employ boxers drills in 1970s/

    Be happy.

  4. Mima Ito is a “godsend” for our sport. If she improve her athletics and become even more consistent in her performances she will be able to offer the Chinese superiority for years to come – i’ m sure!!

    In addition, she is refreshingly natural and likeable. No self-evident today.

    Her very direct “canon style” on forehand AND backhand is very impressive. If she’s in shape ut is very hard to stop her at the moment – even for the chinese. Mira Ito makes the ladies’ area attractive and exciting again. Its about time!

  5. CEO TT equipment manufacturers take note! You will have now have to crank up the production of Short Pips rubber. 1,000% increase in sales order coming soon…..

  6. Hello,
    Your commentary makes sense to me. It is very difficult to return a ball hit flatly with no spin. It takes an effort to counter the momentum of a flat ball. If the ball is bigger, has less spin, and is bouncing higher, then that is ‘low hanging fruit’ for a short pips player using those pips offensively.

  7. Very impressive stuff coming from Mima Ito .
    Does she play pimples on the bh because she is not good at reading and adjusting to incoming spin ? Or is it just to make sure she does not lose time deciding what stroke migjt be useful in the situation?


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