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Butterfly Maze Performance – very good all-wood blade

Butterfly Maze Performance Review – Fast, all-wood blade. It’s a light and easy-to-use all-wood blade.

Maze Performance

This is a very good blade with a soft feeling because of Limba’s outer layer. Easy to use and to spin the ball. If you like the topspin, then this blade is for you.

Maze Performance blade composition
Maze Performance blade composition
Butterfly Maze Performance - Flared Handle
Butterfly Maze Performance – Flared Handle


Light and easy to use

The blade is made entirely of wood, and it delivers power the old-fashioned way. Soft feel thanks to the Limba outer plies, which are lightweight and comfortable.

Butterfly Maze Performance - Straight Handle
Butterfly Maze Performance – Straight Handle


This blade is best for people who like to hit and block. Stiffer than most people. I’m sure loopers can use it as well. Blocks come off quickly. The middle ply is very thick.

Class: OFF
Style: Attack
Plies: 5W
Thickness: 6.7mm
Head Size: 157x150mm
Weight: 73g
Reaction: 10.6
Vibration: 10.2

Maze Performance speed
Maze Performance speed

User Review

It is easy to use due to its lightweight and moderate reaction property.

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