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Why Ma Long withdrawn WTTC 2021?

Ma Long and Xu Xin will not participate in the 2021 Houston World Table Tennis Championships 2021.

WTTC 2021 will be hosted in Houston

This is the semi-final match in the Chinese Warm-up for the Houston WTTC. Ma Long just has fun. He didn’t even try hard to play. Because he withdrew from the 2021 World Championships.


Houston, USA will host the World Table Tennis Championships from November 23-29, 2021!

Fans will be able to attend the event with tickets on sale in August.

Adopting for the first time a redesigned and expanded format, the flagship tournament of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), will feature 128 singles players (Men and Women) and 64 pairs in each of the doubles competitions (Men Doubles), Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles) competing in a knockout format.

WTTC 2021 Houston
WTTC 2021 Houston

Qualification for the tournament has been revised due to challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Several qualifying tournaments, including regional and continental qualifying events for singles events, have been canceled.

With the disruption caused by the pandemic, the ITTF World Table Tennis Rankings were used to determine the qualification of players for this year’s tournament.

The Table Tennis World Championship was last held in Budapest in 2019. The team edition was supposed to take place in the Republic of Korea, in Busan, last year was postponed and ultimately canceled due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

The 2022 World Table Tennis Team Championship will be held in Chengdu, China.

Ma Long, Xu Xin, Liu Shiwen not participating in WTTC 2021

Men’s competition in next month’s World Table Tennis Championships finals is set to be a fascinating affair following the Chinese Table Tennis Association’s (CTTA) latest announcement on their roster for the historic event in the USA.

A new generation of Chinese table tennis athletes will defend the colors of China as mainstays Ma Long and Xu Xin opt-out and make way for their young compatriots.

Ma Long withdrew from 2021 World Championships
Ma Long withdrew from the 2021 World Championships

In the absence of Ma Long and Xu Xin, players like Germany’s Timo Boll, Brazilian Hugo Calderano, Japan’s Tomokazu Harimoto, and Slovenian Darko Jorgic will be looking for the world championship title.

With an eye on the future and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the spotlight will be on the new Chinese armada: Fan Zhendong, Liang Jingkun, Wang Chuqin, Lin Gaoyuan, Zhou Qihao.

Coach Qin Zhijian - head coach of Chinese National Men's Team
Coach Qin Zhijian – head coach of Chinese National Men’s Team


Qin Zhijian, Head Coach of the Chinese Men’s Team and General Secretary of CTTA confirmed that

“Unfortunately, Ma Long and Xu Xin will not be part of the roster for the finals of the Table Tennis World Championships. Instead, our youngsters, led by our world number one, Fan Zhendong, will have the opportunity to compete against the best players in the world.

We are preparing for the future with the Olympic Games in Paris in our sights. We need to provide our young athletes with the big-game experience to excel at the highest level.”

Liu Shiwen also withdrew from the 2021 World Championships

Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, Chen Xingtong, and Wang Yidi will defend the Chinese flag in the women’s competition as Liu Shiwen also chose to take a break and will not be on the roster.

coach Li Sun - head coach of Chinese Women National Team

Li Sun, Head Coach of the Women’s Team said

“The finals of the World Table Tennis Championships feature the best table tennis players from around the world. We will have the opportunity to measure ourselves again against the best players in the world and we hope our best athletes, especially Chen and Wang, can have the chance to face them, especially our fiercest rivals from Japan.

Although Liu will not compete in the finals of the Table Tennis World Championships, she is still expected to play an important role in the development of the sport in China given her vast experience and distinguished career.”

No Ma Long, no table tennis

People in the comments asking why Ma Long isn’t playing need to watch this documentary about Ma Long’s rehab. Sure, Chinese media airbrushes a lot of things but the reality is that Ma Long put in a lot of hard work to try and put himself in a position to be competitive by late 2019. His participation and victory were nothing short of a human miracle given his physical condition a year or so before the Olympics. It’s only fair that Ma Long gets to pick his tournaments.

There is a fan who was so upset. She said that:

“No Ma Long, No table tennis”

No Ma Long - no table tennis
No Ma Long – no table tennis



Men’s Singles: Fan Zhendong, Liang Jingkun, Wang Chuqin, Lin Gaoyuan, Zhou Qihao

Men’s doubles: Fan Zhendong / Wang Chuqin, Lin Gaoyuan / Liang Jingkun

Women’s Singles: Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu, Chen Xingtong, Wang Yidi

Women’s doubles: Sun Yingsha / Wang Manyu, Chen Meng / Qian Tianyi

Mixed Doubles: Sun Yingsha / Wang Chuqin, Wang Man-yu / Lin Gaoyuan

Dimitrij OVCHAROV withdraws from the 2021 World Championships

The German team suffered a heavy blow after Dimitrij OVCHAROV was forced to withdraw from the world championships in November in Houston.

“I twisted my ankle during practice last week. After consultation with several experts, I decided to have minor ankle surgery. The operation went very well and showed that it was the right decision. Now I will fully concentrate on the rehabilitation training which starts right away, ”OVTCHAROV said on his Instagram account.

“I’m sad to announce that I will not be in Houston for the World Championships. It makes me very sad because I wanted to take advantage of the momentum created during the Olympics. Unfortunately, injuries are a part of the sport. But you know me, I will work hard and come back even stronger. See you around a table soon! “

Jorg ROSSKOPF -Germany national coach
Jorg ROSSKOPF -Germany national coach

Jorg ROSSKOPF, National Coach of Germany confirmed the absence of Dimitrij OVCHAROV:

“Of course, it’s bitter for him. He was in good shape and of course, had big plans for the World Championships. To be able to continue playing for a long time, you must listen to your body’s signals. I am optimistic that Dima will continue soon. He will need to heal the injury with rest, get back in shape mentally and physically, and then, hopefully, he will be back in great shape by early 2022. “

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