Ma Long training: Powerful Forehand

Ma Long training: Powerful Forehand

This is the training session of Ma Long in Werner Schlager Academy (WSA). You can learn the footwork and the forehand techniques of Ma Long. Ma Long practices the forehand to forehand topspin drills with Xu Xin.

Why Ma Long’s forehand is so powerful?

The forehand topspin technique of Ma Long is very good, textbook quality. The full stroke always has 3 steps:

  • “yin pai”: preparation before hitting the ball
  • acceleration: generation of power from the hip, and transfer it to the ball
  • and recovery: come back to the stead position

Ma Long generates so much power from his waist. He rotates his waist to hit the ball forward. This is the main reason why Ma Long forehand is so powerful.

The principle of a powerful forehand loop

If you topspin loop with just the upward force (hit the ball upward), you will never have a powerful forehand attack. Let’s see coach Wu Jingping explained this concept.

coach Wu Jingping explained the concept of a powerful forehand technique
coach Wu Jingping explained the concept of a powerful forehand technique

So coach Wu advised Manyu to modify her forehand technique. To improve the power of the forehand loop:

  • hit forward,
  • and close the racket.
  • But if you close your racket but don’t rotate enough, your ball will go to the net.
  • Use the concept “Power from the ground”: use the lower part of your body to generate forward force.

Ma Long training with “Yin Pai” concept

“In pai” or “Yin Pai” is a very important concept in China. It is how you prepare before the shot. Look! Ma Long dropped his racket very low, and well prepared before the ball comes back.

“In pai” is the main difference between pro and amateur players. Pro player knows how to use the time to prepare the shot. While the amateur player doesn’t prepare it at a good timing. They don’t have enough time for the next step.

Ma Long used "Yin Pai" in his training exercices
Ma Long used “Yin Pai” in his training exercises

Amateur players can also hit very hard like the pro. But the pro is trained to do the small things correctly. So table tennis is very technique. Power is after. You should learn the basics first. That’s why if you know about “in pai”, your table tennis will improve quickly.

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