Ma Long is out of top 10 World Ranking

Ma Long is out in the top 10 World Ranking

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Here is the table tennis ranking (November 2018), and you know what? Ma Long is out of the top 10 World Ranking! He is no longer in the list of the top 10 players. Why?

World Ranking (November 2018)

Here is the full world table tennis ranking for this month. And personally, I don’t trust this World Ranking anymore. It has many flaws.

world ranking Ma Long
world ranking Ma Long

Thank you ITTF

As I have explained, the current World Ranking is no longer a “true world ranking”. This month, Ma Long dropped out of the top 10!

And this is the first time this happens in his international career since 2014. Since then, he is always in the top 3 strongest players in table tennis. It’s based on his real skills.

Ma Long is out of top 10 World Ranking
Ma Long is out of top 10 World Ranking

I hope one day, ITTF will consider changing their ranking system. We, as the player, and the table tennis lovers, want a true ladder for the top players.


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2 years ago

You’re right – that’s really rediculous. The acting single and team world champion, whose defeats in the last 3 years you can count by one hand is on Position 11 in the World Ranking… A player like Hugo Caldorano is contrary in the Top 10, although his best result was one semifinal and the average result best 32… That is more a “world cranking” than a world ranking and does not help our sport at all. What are your next ideas, ITTF? Chinese right-handers can only play with left? A handicap tournament for all chinese players instead of a real… Read more »

2 years ago

ITTF is feeling so good right now, really good.

How in the heck could Ma Long be out in the top 10
Even the world rank no. 1 can hardly win against him.

“World Crapping” very sh$#/y!!

1 year ago

i think ittf is bribed.

4 months ago

well it not only for table tennis, badminton is like that too…almost every year lin dan not number one rank but he get every major tittle when at his peak.
No ranking system is perfect.
Let say olympic or any tournament on table tennis not have limit from each country…can you imagine if all semi or even at quarter final all china ?
Maybe they will be good for sport but not for audience

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